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Vets Are Like Magic Memorial to Coco and Magic the therr wonderful Vets at Duluth


Vets are like Magic

The master howls out for his companion and mate, his friend and true breed of devotional ways.  From head to paws, protector, defender – to guard and sense danger, and keeping loneliness at bay.  They would stand by us through a good part of our lives, they would always be there, always ready to play.  Each night they would circle their beds like a den, pat and drop down, fall asleep, whimper and snore, chasing rabbits and squirrels in their canine dream way.  Each dawn they would come wagging their tails by the door and nap by your side, to be as close as they could stay.  Without food or a bone, they would kiss your hand even though we would say so NO, lick your wounds in their soft instinctual ways.

The most memorable time is when we’d come back home, after a long day away, running in circles- clearing the yard, so we could enter and play.  As juveniles they dug or jumped over the fence, on adventures some days, but they were smart and like animal magnetism they would know and always return, wait at the door in the cold snow or the rain, barking constantly loud, so we’d put food in their bowls, as we did every day.   We’d scold them and say, “Don’t run away”, but they’d turn right around and do it again, the very next day.  There is no greater fear or feelings of loss, with the house is empty and the gate’s a sway.  Dear God are they safe from the fast cars and danger, ensnared or tethered, sometimes they were gone for more than a day.  One of the saddest of sights is a dog’s tail tucked in, hungry, tired, and running, when it’s lost it’s way.  Pet owners know you would give a reward or right leg, if they could just be in your lap, pat their heads and hear their bark again right away.  For there is no greater pleasure than to see a young pup reunited with it’s master and the licks and the jumps.  To experience this expression of love with a dog, is a feeling of sheer joy filling your big heart right up.

Now if it wasn’t for our Vets, Duluth Animal Hospital, Dr. Miller and crew, Coco would be gone from heart worms, at only age two.  When your children are sick or not feeling well and you get to witness such professional, kind and compassionate care, why would you go just anywhere?  The skill, knowledge, the surgery and stitches to bear, all backed by Technicians with a leash and soft tug or a slow gentle touch, right there.  After two days in the hospital and three weeks of follow up care, he lived fourteen more years, we bear witness and share.  When you have a multi-pet family with three, now four cats, it makes it easier, knowing there is a place where the Vets and the Techs really do care!

Now we had asked Jesus when His time came, one day, to make it swift without pain, in the Lord’s Name, we pray.  When Coco’s time came, we had to stand strong and shorten his life, just to be humane.  To ease the whole process Dr. Miller and Courtney came to our home, just the same.  For there is no greater love than to end life in pain.  Such mercy is grace and the tears flowed like rain, cause we know it’s for them and they’d do the same.  Now Magic missed Coco so much, that she could stay with us just two more months, like brother and sister the toll was too much.  As they took their last breaths, we assured them we care and rubbed their soft fur, thank GOD we were there.   We prayed for past loved ones to welcome them in and assured them the Lord and his Angels were flying wings full to take them both in.

No one can console you, for only Pet Owners know that tug at your heart of such unconditional love loss.  There are no words to express the depth of the pain, when it’s two so close at one time, it’s tidal waves, as you peer to the Cross.  Now, through faith we know we will see them again – in heaven one day, they say it’s the same.  For the Bible says; GOD created all living creatures as they all sing out, “glory to His name”.   In this we believe and we pray for our Pets to wait for us and meet us up there, at the bridge when we cross.  As masters we must teach, only to be taught, that with the love of such domestic beasts, comes wisdom and eternal thought.  Know these Vets are like Magic, in the world of PetCare, as we face health, life or crisis or need empathy, they will always be there, paw prints and all.  If we suffer so much in losing a “mut” of just fifteen years, what would the pain be, if we doubled their years?

For Coco and Magic!

Coco – Orange Chow/Lab (16 years) 1992 – January 29, 2009

Magic – Black Lab/Chow  (15 years) 1994 – March 31, 2009

By Willis & Debbie Whiteside


COPYRIGHT: WhiteLight Design, Inc.  March 2009  All Rights Reserved

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