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LVLShave Co. Prototype


LVL Shave Co, Neck Groomer

We are proud to present the LVL Neck Groomer Industrial Design, new product launch success.  We worked closely with the Client team to help sharpen the mock-up neck shaver vision into a professional look, home self shave neck groomer.  From sketches to color renderings to 3D CAD this back of the neck shaver goal was deliver the quality of a professional barber shave in the convenience of your home.  Rubberized light-weight detachable handles connect to a flexible neck forming razor strip, featuring 3 razor cartridges with 3 ultra-durable Swedish blades with aloe vera strips.  The ring handles offer fingertip control conveniently snapping apart for cleaning and travel.

Visit  LvlShaveco.com to order your Neck Groomer Starter Set.

Photography:  Derek Rungsea

LVL Shave Co, NeckShaver

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