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LipShield _Prototype


WhiteLight worked with Mr. Guy Johnson and the LipShield launch team provided full industrial design and prototyping, product development.  It started with sports insight idea and a cardboard mockup, invention dream delivered as a full game launch patented product.  The inspiration was coaching privacy and or lip reading in competitive sports.

LipShield_Coaching Privacy

Current Coaching Practices

Coaches currently use their hands or play-cards or E-Pads to protect play calling when speaking into the headset microphone.  Waving the play-card or pad also requires hand movement and facial obstruction while play cards can be viewed with binoculars.

Johnson_LipShield_Industrial Design Sketch

Concept – Sketch Development 

LipShield_Industrial Design rendering

Concept – 3D CAD Rendering  Development 

LipShield _Prototype

Product  Solution – Prototype
The sculpted lightweight foam Lip Shield provides protection of your lips and the headset communication device from front and side angled lip readers.   Designed to fit most headsets it also helps eliminate background noise and effectively blocks wind interference. Also serves as a source of warmth for coaches mouth in colder climates.  Lip Shield is available in standard colors and  ultra lightweight so that you won’t even know it’s there. Lip Shield provides hands free, clearer more protected communication between coaches, coordinators, staff, and players, administrative coaches, owners or any related assigned person to work with or for a team; i.e. football, soccer, rugby, etc.

Advertising Investments

Professional sports television events frequently focus on the head coaches and close facial head shots.  The benefit is On-Field advertising and marketing opportunities.  The primary benefit is advertising exposure on the coaches or supporting coaches or staff    Lip Shield displays your company or team’s logo on the front of the mouthpiece for advertisement exposure.

Venture Investment

WhiteLightDesign elected to invest extra time and efforts to help launch the product to be part of the Lip Shield management team.

See www.lipsshields.com

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