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Milliken Carpet Swatch Tray sales display system


Carpet Color Swatch System.  Working with the Plastic Engineering Labs (R&D), WhiteLight Design was asked to support the development of a carpet swatch tray display solution presenting a barrel roll, domed or sculpted profile swatch, enhancing the texture, color and appearance.

The problem was performance and day to day use of the old form trays. The original solution was a vacuum formed tray that presented a flat carpet color swatch that required gluing and a bottom side, glued in weak magnet and secondary identification number printing. The new solution was configured to present a barrel roll, domed or sculpted profile to the carpet swatch, enhancing the texture, color and appearance. This achieved with an injection molded tray (.75″ x 1.125″) with a center rib and edge undercut features to hold the swatch in place without glue and a pre-printed, full face self adhesive magnetic backer with the identification number preprinted.
With 230 swatch trays per drawer and six color-coded display draws, totaling 1380 swatch trays per display box, the new tray display system is mass produced for Milliken Carpet interior designers, retail and wholesale distributors. WD provided drawings, design concepts and color rendering for an injection molded stackable display tray system, but based on low volume and tooling costs the Client elected to not pursue the molded drawer box design. The final display box system is a heavyweight cardboard, four-color printed, numbered tray and drawer – display box, developed internally by the Client. The new R&D injection molded tray is a better performing solution that gives the Client the full spectrum of color, displayed at a fraction of the old cost.

Plastic Engineering labs, now R&D Labs
Development Team: Mr. Sam Brockway Ph.D., M.E. (In memorial)
CAD – Mold Tooling Engineer: Mr. Tom Ellis, P.E.
Industrial Designer: Mr. Willis Whiteside, IDSA


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