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Utility Marker All Plastic


Utility Marker_All Plastic
CLIENT: Silt-Saver Corporation, GA

PROJECT: All Plastic Color Coded – Utility Markers
Water Value Collar & Post Marker

Millions of concrete utility markers are placed by requirements of City, County and Utilities to meet building and public safety codes.   The problem is these concrete collar blocks and marker posts typically crack, chip and or break under normal use.  Additionally, building or road construction workers routinely need to spray paint each marker with the corresponding code color to identify these important devices in the field (Red for Natural GasBlue for Water, Orange for Telephone/Cable/Data ).

The marked solution – plastic.  These integral color, exterior grade, large structural foam plastic molded parts reduce breakage, painting and replacement, withstanding heavy equipment loads and years of color fastness, helping to quickly locate them, in the case of an emergency and ultimately saving money to the developers, utilities, governments and the tax payer.  This innovative plastic post and valve marker versus concrete gives the construction industry a long lasting alternative to this public  utility management issue.

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