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Little Fretty
A new guitar player’s portable, lightweight 5 fret-board, warm-up exerciser.
PRODUCT VENTURE:  WhiteLight Design, Inc. Fretocizer.com – Little Fretty, GA
Invent Now® America Honorable Mention
Founded by the National Inventors Hall of Fame® and the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

“Little Fretty” is patented pocket sized, with a 5 fret / 6 string full size portion of the fret-board / neck of a standard electric or acoustic guitar that fits comfortable in your hand. Pocket sized, he is recommended for musicians of all skill levels and is great for warm up, practice or rehearsal. He doesn’t make any sound so you can jam away without disturbing your neighbors, parents, spouse, friends or fellow musicians, although you may imagine hearing him in your head. He is made of a space age, hard foam type material, engineered to give a 3-Dimensional feel of the guitar neck, frets and strings and gives a pressure resistance to build playing strength and ability.

Keep him with you at all times to help continually develop your finger stretch and help increase the your note, speed, scales or chord playing progressions. It can build your playing hand strength and increase your reach and dexterity while improving circulation, maybe even helping relieve those painful cramps from repetitious note progressions or chording fatigue.  He is accompanied with a short instructional referral sheet for getting starting and receiving the maximum benefits of Little Fretty.

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Frett’in on Little Fretty at the office.   Anywhere…Anytime!
Little Fretty DOES NOT MAKE ANY SOUND.  And let’s face it, learning to play guitar does not always sound good so you can now warm up, build your finger strength and practice your chords and scales without annoying your nearby neighbors. He does not have any electronics, sound, speaker, cable outputs or inputs. You can travel with him anywhere internationally, it will PASS Security.

Building and exercising hand and finger muscles may result in temporary discomfort but it should not persist. As your playing ability develops the muscles should build more stretch and reach and increase endurance. There are no medical claims regarding the use of this product.** If the use of this product causes any major discomfort, discontinue use immediately and consult with a licensed physician.*** The users assumes responsibility and all medical liability for its use.** No medical claims are made through the use of this product. 


Little Fretty’s Fantastic Uses:

  • Keep him in your glove box for the drive to practice, rehearsal or work.
  • Keep him in your desk at work to stay limber during breaks.
  • Keep him backstage to stay loose.
  • Keep him next to your bed for those inspired musical night moments.
  • Play that difficult chord progression.
  • Practice those basic scales.
  • Practice hearing it in your head as you play.
  • Pay extra attention to those 2nd and 4th fingers.
  • Practice your correct hand position.

Other Fun Uses:  

  • Use him as a door stop.
  • Use him to prop up that window that won’t stay open.
  • Scrape off the snow from your windshield with him.
  • Use him as an airline seat/window pillow.
  • Pets love to get rubbed by him.
  • Use him as a CPR head rest in case your buddy drops.
  • Use him as a tough depressor in case someone is having a seizure.
  • Use him as a flag to wave down motorist in an roadside emergency.
  • Play hide and seek with him.
  • Kneel on him with one knee when changing a flat tire (a knee saver).
  • Tap your friend (husband or wife) in the head with him when they won’t listen.
  • Drop him in water and watch him float like a boat with your kids.
  • Use him as a dip stick to measure the water level.
  • Use him as a shoe form to keep those pumps or boots upright.
  • Use him in an emergency as an arm or leg splint.
  • Slap your fellow band member in the head with him when they are late to rehearsal.
  • He can be used as an emergency sleep-over or pass-out pillow.
  • Keep him handy for those blind dates “who may play guitar”.
  • Bring him out at a party, he is a great conversation piece.

Little Fretty was inspired, invented and produced by Mr. Willis Whiteside, IDSA an Industrial Designer and Owner of  WhiteLightDesign.com.  A lifelong guitar enthusiast, his professional experience in new product development, plastics, computer-aided design and some 5 different prototypes later lead to squeezing Little Fretty out of the mold.

Special Thanks, to Debbie who puts up with the long hours, loud R&R music and ambitious dreams, to whom which without her support, Little Fretty® and the Ergotar® would never have happened.  Thanks to Mr. Vlad Moise and Mr. Henry Sommer for their amazing ProE/3DCAD contributions. In memory of our brother, David Whiteside.


Willis Whiteside
(770) 277-7097

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