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Sanis scent freshener dispenser product line


Scent Freshener Dispenser.   On average, individuals use the restroom 4-7 times a day and 2 of 3 business customer complaints are restroom related.1 This project is an fresh example of how top-level Industrial Design helped the Client see the opportunities in consistent and dynamic product branding and a more focused approach to marketing the business of providing sanitation and hygiene services and improve the bottom line of the business.

This corporate Industrial Design, Engineering and 3D CAD program involved the redevelopment and private labeling of a new family of sanitary disposal, paper product and scent freshener dispenser products to compliment the restroom and hygiene services offered by the Client. The project was facilitated by interaction with the service providers to improve the product function, efficiency and reliability. Consideration into the human factors, ergonomics, psychological and social aspects of the hygiene service providers and users was emphasized. The goal was to create smooth, soft, clean rounded forms and user friendly semantics to help reduce hard to reach cleaning surfaces and areas of dirt and dust collection. The automatic aerosol air freshener was one of the first products to compliment the Sanis® Restroom and Hygiene product line service and lights up every 30 minutes with a light mist of Citrus Slice air freshener. Covers areas up to 1500 cubic feet.

For more information on Cintas® restroom and hygiene products and services call 1-800-cintas1. www.cintas.com

WhiteLight Design Team: Mr. Willis Whiteside, President, Senior Engineering Associate: Mr. Vlad Moise, P.E., CAD Rendering Associate: Mr. Steve Houtzager of INTUITION, & Industrial Designers: Mr. Kyle Mundt, Mr. Jamie Indek & Mrs. Debbie Whiteside.

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