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J-B Weld Menard’s Wood Restore Packaging Design


J-B Weld® Branding Program – Menard’s Wood Restore Packaging & Merchandising – Point of Purchase

WhiteLight Design worked closely with the Leadership of J-B Weld in conceiving and putting together a rapidly executed wood restore retail brand presence.  It started with an invitation from Menard’s Corporation of Wisconsin to participate in a contest to win the business category for providing a new line high quality line of wood adhesive and repair products. The presentation included 9 product package proposals with full mock-up graphics.  J-B Weld solidly won the Mernard’s business – beating out the other big players. This start-up venture was launched and in stores in 9 months including several new premium epoxy products and a new “Wood Restore” trademark which has already formed a bond with the Client.

The products address repairing and restoring rotted wood outside and inside the home. The products are categorized into two component epoxy adhesives, a two part clear penetrating epoxy sealer (petrifier), polyester two part wood putty filler and a one part wood hardener sealer. These high strength wood epoxy materials and liquids are designed specifically for the repair of rotted wood. Since launching, September 2010 the program has proven to be a dynamic presence in Menard’s wood repair and rotted wood restoration market.

Graphic Design work with Ms. Tomi Sapp, Athens, GA

Visit Menards: Wood Restore Products – http://www.menards.com/main/search.html?search=wood+restore&queryType=allItems&ipp=20&sortby=bestMatch&submit.x=35&submit.y=20

or http://www.menards.com/main/paint/interior-wood-care/putty-fillers-cleaners/wood-fillers/j-b-weld-wood-restore-premium-epoxy-putty/p-1502414-c-7962.htm

or  http://www.menards.com/main/paint/interior-wood-care/putty-fillers-cleaners/wood-fillers/j-b-weld-wood-restore-premium-liquid-epoxy-wood/p-1502411.htm

Visit: J-B Weld Company: http://www.jbweld.net/


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