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EVS_Auto Vent Scent Clip


EVS_Auto Vent Clip

AUTO VENT air fresheners are big business.  WD worked closely with Enviroscent,  and the Product Development, Marketing and Engineering team to include industrial design, mechanical layout, 3D CAD and prototypes. The primary design objectives included human factors and improved user-product interface including the branding.  The goal was compliment the product line and replace the existing round, fixed clip design with an attractive, injection molded configuration (virtual 3D CAD model design).

The product design efforts resulted in a new rotating ball joint vent clip, tamper resist closure and engineered vent features for maximum scent dispensing and product air freshener service life.  The final selected dispenser design proceeded to RTV cast urethane prototype models and received good reviews in focus evaluations.  The triangular shape and floating air bubble vent features won, to be displayed on the main auto vent!


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