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From novice Inventor to seasoned manufacturer, Invention Development is about leapfrogging the prior art patents and the competition with sales, serving the greater Atlanta, GA area. Many individuals are born thinkers, inventors, or creative designers and seem to have that creative spark that can bring an enlightened solution to the problem.  The core strength of White Light Design is offering inventor support for better industrial design or Enlightened Solutions for product development with Masters Level experience.  If you are an Inventor or CEO, President, Corporate Leader, Manager or Consultant, or a start-up Entrepreneur, small or medium size Business Owner, WhiteLight Design was created for you. If you just received your non-provisional or provisional patent, we help you take the next steps to 3D CAD design for manufacturing and invention prototype.

To answer your invention prototype questions, simply email us your sketches, photos, CAD files, or your model.

Confidentiality is paramount we have been qualified to work with the most secure and confidential product innovations including government, military medical and the Fortune 50 and delivered hundreds of ideas, sketches and working prototypes, leading to Client patents, prototypes and praises. Our Senior team brings the knowledge and insights of over 25 years each of product development experience, combined with our proven Strategic Development Process, the best ideas usually float to the top and your idea or product concept will be virtually envisioned, prototyped and branded all the way through market launch.  When all the lights are shown and focused on the right place you often end up saving thousands of dollars in development tooling and manufacturing costs. We have a speed to market and cost reduction track record unparalleled in the industry.

WhiteLight Design has formed an alliance to include Registered Patent Attorneys, industrial designers, mechanical and electrical engineers, marketing, graphics, packaging, materials, manufacturing and prototype model design specialists.  You are welcome to use the Confidentiality form below to proceed to work with WhiteLight Design and our Invention Development program in Atlanta, GA.


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We are happy to guide you through our process, and we have compiled the following fundamental topics to consider in the invention, patent, industrial design, and product development journey. As always, we welcome any questions and inquiries for more information about these topics, including inventor support.  Let’s get started!

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