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Branding is Everything!

Branding is everything about promoting your company, trademark and product all designed on purpose.  Your corporate branding portfolio is a primary focus of all our Design work including Industrial Design applied to the business marketing and sales strategy.

Need Product Branding 

If you need product development, start thinking Branding!  The goal is to unify the whole branding portfolio, complimented by the graphic design, logo or trademark, product industrial design packaging, display and merchandising design or the consumer experience into a consistent and memorable corporate branding program.

J-B Weld for a prime example of a branding portfolio of trademark products, packaging and See  https://whitelightdesign.com/project/j-b-weld-wood-restore/ or Visit:  https://www.jbweld.com/

Contact us  to help you design, prototype, brand and promote your product and company!   It all starts with the concept !!!

Logo Design

"S" swirl Signature Solutions Corporate Identity

Graphic Design

Vets Are Like Magic Memorial to Coco and Magic the therr wonderful Vets at Duluth


J-B Weld Menard’s Wood Restore Packaging Design

Display Exhibit

J-B Weld point of purchase merchandiser design

Sign Systems

NorthPoint Business Park - Main entry monument

     Branding development takes thorough planning coordinating advertising, design and promotion and sales into a single focus. The insight is to use the power of industrial design semantics to communicate with consumers through visual geometry, auditory and tactile cues.  Branding uses linguistics, symbology and association to create a design style or geometric form, logo or trademark, slogan, mascot, jingle, high definition music commercial, pod cast and web streams.  The focus is to understand it takes repetitive exposure to a brand to become memorable.

 The opportunity!

The opportunity is to create an iconic form which makes an instant impression followed up by an excellent customer experience or support services at any point of contact.

Branding Programs may include:

  • Design Theme – Corporate Colors
  • Logo or Trademark and Tagline
  • Corporate Literature (Cards, Stationary, Envelope)
  • Brochures – Promotional Mailers
  • Packaging and Product Literature
  • Industrial Design 3D Styling 
  • Human Factors – User Interface
  • Point of Purchase, Display and Exhibit
  • Environmental Graphics – Signage
  • TV Commercial – Podcast – Bloog
  • Social Media:  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

     We will partner with you to engage product design branding from an enlightened and creative perspective, to align your expectations creating the impression or certain qualities that brand you and product as unique and memorable.  To review your branding needs please give us a call (770) 277-7097.

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