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3D CAD – CAM Drawing and Rendering

3D CAD-CAM Industrial Design Process Prototype Grinder

Our Atlanta 3D CAD drawing services, design engineering, and manufacturing assistance, are second to none.

CAD – CAM is shorthand for Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing and speed to market.  We create a virtual 3D CAD model of your product with all the parts and assembly or CAD files that are translated to additive and subtractive prototype build programs combined with 3D printing rapid prototype technology.  The CAD-CAM system allows WD and our full prototype shop to transform your idea from the sketching page to the virtual world to the 1st prototype to the manufacturing production assembly line in weeks. By utilizing our 3D CAD drawing services, it improves communication between you and your team to increase productivity. 3D CAD renderings allow you to easily visualize your proposed ideas and plan how to execute them, saving you time.

WhiteLight Design’s CAD team bring over 20 years of team experience, working to solve simple to very complex mechanical problems and bring your idea to reality.  We have an integrated system of industrial design, engineering and manufacturing (Strategic Development Process) with a successful track record of developing products and devices that work as intended and make it to the store shelves. We produce accurate, detailed 3D CAD renderings, achieving our clients’ desired results every time. Additionally, our engineers use the latest process and graphic accelerators for successful product development.

To discuss how our Industrial Designers and Design Engineers will use our CAD-CAM systems and Capabilities to save you time and money, please call 770 277 7097 for an initial review of your needs.

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