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DraftServ Self-Service Pour Station Industrial Design


DraftServ Self-Service StationDraftServ  Technologies – Industrial Design – 20 Prototypes Delivered.
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WhiteLight Design worked with DraftServ Marketing and Engineering team for providing in-house Industrial Design and 3D CAD development, for a new modular touchless self service – card reader draft pour station.  The challenge was to achieve sanitary food service requirements and sprayed water tight gasketed construction simulating injection mold tolerances in a lower tolerance RTV cast urethane part assembly.  The Industrial Design efforts explored and delivered vertical or horizontal mount counter-top to wall mounted fixtures with cable powered touchscreen (UI) User Interface and scanned card readers.


The 3D CAD modeling was followed by RTV Cast Urethane Prototyping of 20 units for User testing.  The prototype design was successful, used to confidently proceed to production development.  DraftServ Technologies has developed a modular interactive software platform that seamlessly self-service card reading beverage service station solutions, eliminating waste and increasing labor efficiency, more sales in less time. leveraging technology to improve profits.  Launched Dec 2019. Visit  DraftServ.com

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