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Miller-Coors® Rocky Plastic Beer Bottle


Miller-Coors® Rocky Plastic Bottle.  The plastic beer container has always been a steep mountain to climb for brewers and bottlers due to the extreme organic interactions, pressures and sensitivity to a taste that beer drinkers demand. On this project WD worked with Ball’s sales and marketing team, presenting to Coors Brewery Company to provide conceptual bottle design for the new line of plastic beer bottles. The new PET bottles incorporate Ball Corp.’s Amazon HM(TM) multilayer barrier technology which is a nylon composite material that provides both an active oxygen barrier and a passive carbon dioxide barrier. This means cold, fresh taste in a classic glass look, long neck, cool and comfortable to the touch bottle, complimented with the trademark Rocky Mountains has an embossed grip texture, silhouetted around the shoulder. The bottles are placed in an award-winning 18 Cooler Pack, (see below) a package that coverts to a cold ice-filled cooler.

Although not involved in the cooler package design, WD’s involvement in the plastic bottle development helped the team envision possibilities which helped lead to the total package design success*. After several phases of black and white line drawing concepts, we concluded the project with 7 proposed final bottle shapes, sizes and grip textures, color renderings. The plastic beer bottle was an upstream concept for years but now both our Client, Ball Corporation and Coors are chill’n at the pinnacle of plastic.

The company’s 18-pack Plastic Bottle Cooler Box is described as “the brewing industry’s first ice-ready bottle package that can go anywhere.” Jim Sabia, VP of marketing for Coors Brewing Company says, “Our commitment to cold begins with our unique Frost Brewing (R) process, continues with guaranteed cold shipment and storage and now extends to the customers’ hands with these innovative new packages that allow beer lovers anywhere to experience the cold refreshment of the Rocky Mountains, even in the heat of summer.” The break-resistant, 16-oz plastic bottles mean that now, consumers can have beer where glass isn’t allowed, such as the pool or the beach. According to Coors, the resealable plastic bottles keep beer colder longer than glass bottles and aluminum cans.

* GOLDEN, Colo., Sept. 27 /PR Newswire / — Convenience Store News has named the Coors Light Plastic Bottle Cooler Box as the “Best New Packaging Innovation of 2005.”

Coors, Coors Light, Ball & Amazon HM are register trademarks with their respective owners. All Rights Reserved

PET or (polyethylene terephthalate) is a form of polyester used to make strong, lightweight, shatter-resistant, clear or color tinted bottles.


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