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intravenous catheter patency medical device rendering


Interavenous Catheter Patency, WhiteLight Design was asked to lend a spark of creativity to the engineering team in this new medical procedure and product innovation project – moving from mechanical prototype to a mass production solution. The Fibrex® Catheter Patency Device is used in re-establishing patency of non-functioning central venous catheters. Fibrex offers a minimally invasive method of mechanically disrupting fibrin formation from the interior and exterior of indwelling catheters, without the risks associated with femoral punctures, or sepsis related to catheter exchange. The device utilizes a tri-axial delivery system consisting of a delivery catheter, an inner guide structure, and a shaped memory, helical-formed, nitinol stripping coil.

The device is manipulated by an ergonomic deployment control handle and is manually inserted through the luer connector of a vascular access catheter to the defined area and the “stripping coil” is actuated to achieve a “corkscrew effect” thereby mechanically stripping the catheter of fibrinous film. The industrial design and human factors centered around the user-product interface and the healthcare procedure that included a thumb operated, wire feed reel and coil engagement button with a full 360 degree rotation wand grip. The design color concept renderings and semantics drove the product form solution, which was handled primarily with a lightweight injection molded clam shell housing and internal reel mechanism.

Photos & Diagram courtesy of Hatch Medical
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