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Ready to Assemble Furniture personal sanctuary desk and kneeling bench


Personal Sanctuary Desk – Arched Panels, the center panel is representative of the classic architecture and left and right arched panels are designed to embrace you. 59”W x 49 ¼”H Weight 60 lbs.
– The Window of Hope Artwork or Stained Glass (16″ x 20″)
Select from a library of images.
– Book Lectern Adjustable angled shelf for ease of reading.
-Kneeling Bench The bench has a 3″ foam, fabric cover cushion with side, grip support handles that make it easy to get down a nd lift up from the kneeling position. 24”W x 22”H

The Personal Home Sanctuary design was inspired by Ms. Charlotte Shaw to create a place of daily sanctuary and spiritual retreat at home. After searching the furniture market to no avail, she contacted WD and communicated the vision to our team and WE were inspired. We researched classic architectural, religious and symbolic influences including places of worship and furniture styles for altars, churches, temples, shrines, mosques, synagogues and cathedrals. The final solution was primarily derived from the Greek/Roman gothic arch based on the minimalist principles of getting the most strength from the least in utilization of materials, to create wall spans, doorways and windows. The design solution considered the ergonomics of kneeling and reading to give it a sense of human scale, simplistic quality and subtle elegance in an easy to assemble, mass producible solution. We lit the piece with natural light through a window – decorated with colorful art or stained glass. Users can customize and decorate The Personal Home Sanctuary according to their personal beliefs and practices.

WhiteLight Design is proud to be a part for such a wonderful product and vision. Launched 1/28/07.

Product Photos courtesy of InnerConnect, LLC, Atlanta, GA.

Design Team: Mr. Willis Whiteside, Mr. Vlad Moise, P.E., Mr. Neil Varlamoff, Mrs. Debbie Whiteside, Mr. Dave McConnell


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