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AcCueShot™ Billiard Training on pool table


You’re Always on Target with AcCueShot! ™

Introducing the AcCueShot™ Billiard Training Device. Working with the Client’s patent and inspired from the skill or lack of skill of hitting the complex angles of impacting 2″ diameters spheres in the right directions with a stick on a felt table. Simply put, this new product venture will let you know if your pool shot is on target. The AcCueShot device works by placing it on the rail of your billiard table, take aim and shoot. It will let you know if your shoot was straight and accurate or which direction it was off. The complete product development program included Industrial Design; concept sketching, following through with user interface design, full scale color renderings, ultimately developing the ProE®/3D CAD virtual model and 4 rounds of working prototype models. From concept to light, WhiteLight Design worked with the Client to deliver an Enlightened product angle to this technology.

September 19-25, 2005 – AcCueShot was demonstrated at the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships at the Chesapeake Conference Center, in Chesapeake Virginia.

November 11 , 2005 – The Travel Channel aired “America’s Best Product” episode with AcCueShot

Visit https://www.accueshot.com
to see a live video demonstration. $69.95 + s/h

After briefly working out with the AcCueShot device, I am very excited about this product. I’m convinced this is the greatest training aid for aim and stroke that I have seen in all the years I’ve been playing pool. I highly recommend it to any and all players.”- Tom Kennedy, 1992 U.S. Open Champion!


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