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RED COGNOSOS RT200 Vehicle Tracker


COGNOSOS RT200 SaaS Vehicle Tracker – Industrial Design 3D CAD is a start-up venture with the Georgia Tech, (ATDC) – Advanced Technology Development Center in Atlanta, GA.  WhiteLight Design was requested to work with the boxy Engineers to address the User Interface and Industrial Design to achieve an aesthetically improved styling of the small vehicle tracker device.  COGNOSOS has developed a new sensing service through an innovative SaaS (Software as a Service) platform and low cost battery powered sensors that can measure physical geographical proximity where other sensing alternatives are out of cost reach. Existing wireless and cellular network technology are expensive to support existing consumer demands for WiFi, Bluetooth(R) and Zigbee(R)  which do not have enough range to provide city-wide coverage.

The need for a better solution for the COGNOSOS RT200 SaaS Vehicle Tracker was driven from the automotive sales and auction lot management of vehicle location and tracking movement on the lot to improve overall vehicle theft security and location tracking management to improve business models.  WhiteLight Design worked closely with the 3D CAD Mechanical Engineers while the very talented Electrical Engineers reworked the Printed Circuit Boards schematic layouts to meet the product development, enclosure functional User Requirements.  Placement of the device on the exterior or inside the vehicle included considerations of thermal heat management and the proximity range of the antenna in relationship to best operational placement, storage and theft.  The new product development program was on a rush schedule to deliver conceptual drawings and 3D color renderings and Rhino(R)  surface CAD modeling.    The industrial design solution is the red blinking LED, COGNOSOS RT200 a low cost sensor anti-theft, cable secured device that clips to the sun visor.   For more information on the product design solution please visit www.COGNOSOS.com  or give us a toot!

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