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Fendo Golf Club Cleaner


Fendo Golf Club Cleaner

Fendo Golf Club Cleaner Fendo Golf Club Cleaner

WhiteLight Design and Product Quickstart are proud to present the Industrial Design, new product launch working with FENDO and the innovative gold club 2 – sided, wet/dry Brush Cleaner.   The FENDO Golf Club Cleaner is designed to eliminate the time consuming process of cleaning the grooves on the golf club.  We worked closely with the Client team to help refine and compliment the patented new product invention.  From mock-up to sketches to color renderings, followed by tight space mechanical packaging with 3D CAD modeling and prototype delivery, it was a team effort.

LINK to FENDO Golf Club Cleaner

Dimensions: 5.9 x 2.2 x 3.2in

Retractable Groove Tool

Versatile Bag Attachment with Retractable Cord

Patented, Dual-Sided Bristle Cartridge

One-Touch Spray Button

Hydro Solution Chamber

Custom Smooth Grip

Premium Soft Feel TPE Grip
Durable Glass-Filled Polypropylene
High-Performance Nylon Bristles
Steel Groove Sharpener
Replaceable Bristle Cartridges
Retractable Cord for Bag Attachment

Clean it up and Tee it up with more confidence.  FENDO!

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