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Unmasked Designer Society

The Unmasked Designer.  Industrial Designers always consider the User-Product Interface, size, space, distance, operating environments and environmental conditions as important to the human factors, comfort, reliability and performance.  The February – June 2020 COVID-19 viral pandemic has offered Product Designers insights into the human factor responses to personal safety and healthcare risks and product invention opportunities.  The unmasked Pandemic Designer Society has emerged with new science driven, global social operating environments with Personal Protective Equipment or PPE or face masks required by law or demanded by social pressures.  All driven by governmental policies, the drug rich healthcare system and social media driven information.

Pandemic Designer Society

6 feet or 2 meters is the personal risk zone.
Touching or hugging is not allowed in public.
Face masks are required in closed cabin transportation and all public enclosed spaces.
Groups of 100 or more must provide entrance and exit screening and post treatment.
Groups of 10 or more must provide screening (life jackets) and isolate 2 weeks with post treatment monitoring for 2 weeks.
Public parks and zoos install bio barrier walls to protect the animals.
All Stadiums – theaters remove every other seat and have entrance and exit sanitation fog tents.
Retail traffic isles are one way.
Retail traffic safe zones occupancy limits are enforced.
All paper contracts, agreements or money and menus are deemed unsanitary.
Money laundering machines hit 2 year high.
Credit card machines are face recognition – voice activated wave over – no touch authorization.
Restaurant tables are limited to 4 people with 1 chair space distance.
Servers use a table video monitor speakers to take your order.
Receptionist Robots answer questions and take orders.
Full body Designer protective suits are all the rage.
Biobarrier home design and building retrofits is big business.
HEPA filter scarps masks and hoods become fashion trends.
Touchless monitor screens are installed for all fast food and ATM transactions.
The CDC joins forces with the IRS for health monitoring with healthcare facilities.
Global DNA bank is completed with virus testing.
Smart watches are all linked.
RFID chips bracelets – will monitor your body metrics to alarm to the healthcare system if contracted. Deemed voluntary until 10% of the world population is infected.
Monthly stimulus checks are issued.
Outdoor distancing activities become the next social GenD focus.
No touchless phones and tablets Product Design is hot!

What did you say I can’t hear you through the Mask?….W2


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