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Write it Down!

Let’s connect in thought and write it down on a piece of paper to make 2020 the year that starts the decade of the most productive years of your life!

The inventor in all of us is grounded in the reality of large budgets and action is needed to produce results.  The Designer’s power is free thinking or applied knowledge and thoughts and writing them down, which are all free.  Pen and paper or keyboard strokes bring it to life.  The visualization of that million dollar idea starts with writing it down.  This simple act of faith to write it down can be very powerful to help materialize fulfillment.

The models are Architects, Engineers and Industrial Designers use quick sketches and written notes leading to formal 3D CAD files and patent drawings and written claims to create and protect new products.  It always starts with a single sheet of paper and stoke of the pen thought or single focused business idea.  The written word that evolves into a business plan becomes the shape and form and source of income return on investment.  Any limitations are self imposed.

Getting from point A to point B is the goal.  Let’s start with you have to write it down, to become written word to become realty.  The opportunity is to start with a clean sheet of paper in an environment that inspires you.

  1. Clean the room to make room to write it down. Clean and declutter your work and home environment. Let the ideas flow more uninhibited and freely.
  2. Expand your Goals – with no limit outcomes. Allow yourself to dream and ask for a significant return on investment. Creation happens or doesn’t happen based on what we want and what we allow. We set the self imposed limitations. Free up those walls and laws of physics. This is what dreams are for.
  3. Keep a Notebook or Journal. Write down all your ideas and your goals broken down into areas of focus. This process frees up the mind to expand on and allow complimentary thoughts to be written down.  This written book is referred to and modified often to expand upon and track success.
  4. One Word can do it.   Ideas are Worth Millions – But Action, Results and Physical Manifestation and writing it down or showing someone the results is the only thing that other people credit.  Step by step, one word at a time documented goals are accomplished.

Take action, write down your long and short term goals, then prioritize. (1-5-10 years).  Create the business plan.  Today, this week take one written step towards the large goals and work on the task list. Focus on the top two most important short term items, until we can check one at a time off the list.  Keep a perspective on family, relationships and social comments.

Document your life and ideas and write it down.   Free up the self imposed limitations, write it down!  Work efficient but remember to take time to play and imagine the winning outcome and write it down!

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