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Invention - Product Development Services

White Light Design is your creative, award winning Invention – Industrial Design (ID) – Patent and Product Engineering Solution serving the Southeastern US and Atlanta GA region. Our Technical Services – New Product Development, ID, Product Design Engineering, 3D CAD-CAM, Prototype, Packaging Design and Branding are always ON with the core methodology of creative design combined with product engineering and innovation.  In today’s business environment your success requires delivering excellent products quickly and at a competitive price; the primary conversation is cost to manufacture. That is why we offer a wide range of client-oriented invention development, Industrial Design, and Prototype and Engineering Design consulting services in Atlanta, GA that will save you time and money. We invite you to forward your drawings or CAD files to begin the discussions.

WhiteLight Design’s services are dialed to the primary disciplines of Industrial Design, 3D CAD, Prototype, and Branding. Our team includes an alliance of Patent Attorneys, Industrial Designers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Marketing, Graphics, Packaging, Materials, Manufacturing, and Prototype model design specialists. Our services are designed to give you that competitive edge, from qualifying feasibility of an idea to determining the best approach to manufacturing, we deliver solid business results.  From sketches to patent drawings, virtual 3D CAD model to mock-up and prototype, we provide the information you need to make those critical “go/no go” business decisions. See also The Strategic Development Process.

Leading and educating our Customers is part of our services.  Business plan,  Angel investor, budget allocation, cost to manufacture, 3D CAD, plastic injection mold and tooling are all part of the Fundamentals and Vocabulary we bring to our Clients.  If you are an inventor who has started the design or utility patent or provisional process, consider utilizing our invention and feasibility new product development services. With one call or a brief consultation, you will come away more inspired, informed, and confident of having a handle on the product launch process.

We are happy to guide you through our process, and we have compiled the following  fundamental topics to consider in the invention, patent, industrial design, and product development journey.

Inventors! Get Started Design Consulting Services page.  For general questions see our  FAQ  Frequently Asked Questions page. As always, we welcome any questions and inquiries for more information about these topics. See the Services pages below for more information.

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