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Technical Services New Product Development, Industrial Design, Engineering, 3D CAD-CAM, Prototype, Packaging Design and Branding are always ON and the core methodology of creative design combined with product engineering and innovation.  In today’s business environment your success requires delivering excellent products quickly and at a competitive price.  The primary conversation is unit cost to manufacture. WhiteLight Design services are dialed to the primary disciplines of  Industrial Design, Design Engineering, 3D CAD-CAM, Prototype  Packaging and  Branding services are designed to give you that competitive edge, from qualifying  feasibility of an idea to determining the best approach to manufacturing, we deliver solid business results.  From sketches to patent drawings, virtual 3D CAD model to mock-up and prototype, we provide the information you need to make those critical “go/no go” business decisions.  See also The Strategic Development Process.

Below is a list of Basic Consulting Services we offer:

Strategic Design Consulting Session  $250 + ( 1 Senior Industrial Designer)  We meet or teleconference 1-2 hours to answer the basic questions you may have based on the available information.   Can your product be manufactured?  What are next step towards a product patent or prototype or product – packaging launch?  You just want to get some feedback on a potential product design idea or concept from an experienced Industrial Designer or Engineers.  A Strategic Design Consulting Session  might be the affordable ticket.   In many cases, we can help clients streamline their project plans in just a few hours.

Technical Design Consulting Session  $1,500 + ( 1 Senior Industrial Designer + 1 Senior Mechanical or Electrical Engineer) We meet or teleconference 2 -3 hours, deliver 2-3 page report.

Engineering Design – Feasibility Consulting Session  $1,500 + ( 1 Senior Industrial Designer +2 Senior Mechanical or Electrical Engineers)  We meet or teleconference 2 -3 hours, deliver 2-3 page report.

Feasibility Review/ Design Analysis $3,000 +  A Feasibility Review/ Design Analysis starts with a review and summary outline of your invention or product idea, concept, or prototype.  We evaluate your program based on technical feasibility, development challenges, aesthetics, industrial design, and manufacturing options.  Delivers 2-3 sketch – line drawings and a 2-3 page written summary report to support our Clients to make more informed decision about proceeding with their program.

Product Design Development Master Plan  $1,500 +  Develop a custom product development plan for your business planning needs.  Identifying significant milestones, phase – work delivery tasks and scheduling lead timed.  A full plan serves as an invaluable tracking and goal setting for developing and manufacturing your product.

Product Visualization Rendering  $1,500 – $3,000+   Our 3D CAD product rendering is a powerful tool for investor and crowd fund raising presentations. We provide hand drawing or 3D CAD-based photorealistic renderings to visualize your product. We can often move to multiple perspective views or even animations.  We also provide a Product Development Plan  to qualify development milestones, manufacturing, inventory costs, and schedule so you proceed with more confidence into full product development.

Product Animation  $3,000 – $5,000.00+   An animation can add a depth of reality to your product concept.  3D CAD animation is also a powerful and very flexible way to communicate the full functionality or uniqueness of a new invention or design.  We offer a variety of product rendering and animation presentation options.

Prototypes:  Working or Functional or Appearance  (1 – 20 Units)  Request for Quotation prototype model typically includes 3D CAD modeling and is priced per design and development complexity.  Many projects need a robust, demonstrable working prototype.  Nothing beats a working prototype to raise funds.  WD provides high quality prototype design, development, fabrication, and testing services.  We have access to the full ASK Whitelight prototype shop, with 3 axis CNC mills to build in wood, metal, plastic or composites.  We built our business on prototype development to present and demonstrate industrial design.

Industrial Design, Engineering, 2D and 3D CAD: Projects priced per design and development complexity.

Our Industrial Designers and Engineers have been a team for years and worked on a broad range of product applications from custom plastic bottles to medical equipment to robotic machines.  We start with rapid hand drawings for visualization concepts and move quickly to 3D CAD models and prototype in the shop.   Our Designers work closely with the Engineers and Manufacturing team to make sure what we deliver can move to manufacturing and on to the store shelf.

The core Industrial Design Consulting Services are below:  Click on them to find out more or Call us and find out how we can help you develop a product and succeed.

“Do It Right the First Time”  Plan, Execute, Refine and Deliver as Agreed!