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WhiteLight Channel TM

The WhiteLight Channel

WhiteLight Channel TM
The 2021 news is a long overdue creative dimension a video format, The “W” WhiteLight Channel.

We are working with our partner Noah McNeely and Product Quickstart to produce video podcast episodes for our Clients and future Inventors to help educate and speed up the product development process.   The videos will be informal conversations and question and answer interviews available on our WhiteLightDesign.com and ProductQuickstart.com websites.  Please stay tuned so we can help get the word out that Industrial Design and product development is alive and well and The WhiteLight Channel is a powerful source of Empowerment for Inventors and Business Startups.

Reflecting, this time last year 2020 we were in economic growth and all seemed on track. Product news is the USPTO.gov patent office is overwhelmed with applications. 2021 the airborne virus pandemic and global design response has been good as Inventors, Industrial Designers and Entrepreneurs adapt and maximize use of the available communication channels to educate and promote new product and business.

The mask up requirement in public has certainly opened our eyes, wrapped up our faces and muffled our voices. It brings to light that a significant portion of our body language communication channel has been covered up. Seeing the lips moving, head movement, facial gestures and audible sound voice through 3 layers of textile particulate filter material to get the message is proving to be a social design problem. The mass messaging – viewing the physical and psychological effects when all government workers and media news announcers are in masks. The mask trend has become a matter of safety combined with fashion for sometimes ineffective Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) options for, protection and comfort.

QUOTE OF THE YEAR   “What a difference a year can make and the power of the entrepreneurial spirit of design” w2

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