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Beware of Inventor Scam and fraud Invention companies

Inventor Scams & Fraud

INVENTION HELP PROMOTIONS Beware of Invention or Inventor Scams and Fraud!

Developing and launching a product is a challenging and expensive endeavor, and one that’s full of risk. Any company that guarantees you success, or 15% royalty and implies that it’s easy is probably scamming you.  Look out for the years long, monthly installment plans.   At WhiteLight Design and Product QuickStart, we hear stories of being taken advantage of by companies and individuals that prey on inventors, entrepreneurs, and startups. Don’t become one of their victims!

Scams and Frauds:

For legal reasons, we won’t name any individual companies or entities here, but we are happy to provide the following links to articles and news stories about scams in the invention business. Most importantly, before you work with anyone, do your homework and make sure they are reputable.  Look for documented success and professional Engineering Associations or members of the Industrial Designers Society of America.

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