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Design in a straight line engineering-assessment

The Straight Line

Engineering Design Assessment  Design in a straight line.  Define the most direct path to the goal.  The best path to great design is a straight line.  Physics with geometry space, the shortest distance between two points is the direct path.  The waste of energy is the crooked off course or wavering line, non consistent and going in more than one direction. The three dimensional line at any scale exists in the world of three dimensions with the limits of how small or how large the line is and how much time does it take to travel the line.  In fractal geometry,  a subset of Euclidean space or classical geometry including the three dimensions, the line is infinite in length broken into mathematical line subset integers or sub divisions.  In fractal descriptive geometry the lines of definition appear the same mathematical ratio appearance at any scale or the definition of the line in topological dimension in topological space is infinite.  The line at normal human scale is the direct path or the infinite curved path of travel in dimensional topological space.  On two dimensional paper its limits are the size of the page its drawn on.

With the 1:1 scale defined, the infinity of the waving line is that it never stops.  The more the line wavers the longer it takes to get to the destination.  More energy, more time, more distance to get to the same place. A longer harder path. The straight line takes less time, less effort, and less energy.  More efficient, which then allows you to go further.   Focus your steps on a single aim, a single goal, a single point, single heart and determination.  Eliminate any wavering up or down, left or right of that goal.  Anything that does not line up with your purpose, eliminate it from your life. Any, words, thoughts or actions. Walk the straight line so your faith, your life and your words with your actions line up with your heart.  Be it mental planning or actions towards the goal.  As in the physical realm in creative thinking it is the spiritual inception of creating something new.  The ability to stay focused on the path to the task to the goal is a gift.  Stay committed, stay focused, never give up!  A new thought, a new insight, new invention or a new product prototype. The key is be focused to stay on course and small steps. Be consistent, be true to the design in a straight line.

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