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Our Product Design Engineers for product development are some of the best in the business combining creativity, patient and detail-oriented; they want the results to be as close to perfection as possible.  Design Engineering is the applied science of new product development  technology in materials, manufacturing processes and the connected world of (IoT) the Internet of Things.  Should you require a ME – Mechanical Engineer, EE – Electrical Engineer, Electronics, or Software – App Engineer,  product developer or product design services in the Atlanta, GA area, consider utilizing WhiteLight Design’s Design Engineering 3D CAD – CAM team.

Product Design Engineering is the broad range disciplines used to qualify Product Engineering Development from an aerospace drone to simple tool to a USB thumb drive including integration of the industrial design, with the materials and manufacturing requirements.  The engineering disciplines may include wireless, Radio Frequency, Bluetooth and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Controller development  with the materials selection and most important manufacturing and mass production process selection.  We often consider product development for meeting legal safety requirements, of UL or CE or FDA or DOT requirements including mandatory legal or voluntary code and safety testing certifications.

Product Design Engineering and product assembly line development with fastening, hardware, and quality control is an applied science virtually generated in 3D CAD software with the specifications, materials, calipers, and tolerances.  Those 3D CAD files go to prototype or go to tooling for mass manufacturing.  If you need 2D drawings please do not hesitate to call us.

Our product design engineers have M.S. Master of Science degrees and industry experience utilizing the technology required to lead in launching inventions or new product development.  We usually start with a POC or Proof of Concept Prototype.  Our most valuable contribution is our ability to deliver real world solutions that are safe and functional, performing as intended.  Any questions regarding our mechanical or product design engineering or product design services?  Let’s focus on the engineering realities!

Product Design Engineering – Market Applications:(Short List)

  • Industrial / Manufacturing Equipment
  • Electronic Product Design
  • Communication Products & Accessories
  • Medical Equipment – Personal/Homecare, Clinical/Hospital
  • Home Medical Products
  • Trucking & Transportation
  • Inventory Management – Logistics
  • Automotive Accessories
  • Power Tools
  • Home – Kitchen or Bath
  • Sanitary – Restroom Products
  • Vending
  • Sports – Leisure Products

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Product Design Engineering

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ME Mechanical Engineering

3D CAD-CAM Mechanical Engineering New Product

EE Electrical Engineering

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Manufacturing Engineering

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Engineering Assessment

Engineering Design Assessment

Feasibility Review

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