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EE Electrical Engineering

In order to support your Electrical Engineering(EE) and or Electronic Product – User Interface requirements, the Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering and User Interface Design team must understand of the human and technical  requirements.  The objective is  the most logical functional configuration of the inputs and outputs.  To assist  in meeting these requirements, our team will work with you to assist in understanding both the possibilities and limitations of circuit development as applied to real world products.

The development and interface of the analogue or digital hardware or firmware and software application or system integration is a matter of staying on top of the available EE components and sources including manufacturing to meet the production volume and end product performance requirements. Our Electrical Engineering Associates are tops when it comes to both analogue and digital systems including “Touch Screen” product applications.

Product – Market Applications:

  • Medical Equipment
  • Home Medical Products
  • Electronic Product Design
  • Communication Products & Accessories
  • Trucking & Transportation
  • Automotive Accessories
  • Power Tools
  • Vending
  • Inventory Management – Logistics
  • Sports – Leisure Products
  • Sanitary – Restroom Products

We are happy to work with you through the process, and work with our Electrical Engineers including Hardware and Software, telephone – web application development and designing the User – Product Interface.  We consider state of the art electronics hardware and software engineering development an essential part of the path to success in the tech IoT – Internet of Things connected world  complimented by industrial design, product development.  The opportunities are virtually endless, so feel free to explore the possibilities with industrial design, mechanical, electrical and software engineering that enhances the human User Product Interface and Prototype experience.

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