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Designing Your Life

The dreamer in all of us is probably fighting with the reality of the action it takes to bring in success and money. If you are an entrepreneur in the middle of a business or have been pursuing a dream for your whole life you are well aware of reality. Getting from point A to point B is the goal, but once you really sit down a say OK I’m ready and willing to pay the price of pursuing this dream. Then What? Ahh-Haaaa for that is the question?

#1 Create a clean and efficient environment in which to operate.
#2 Focus, Focus, Focus. The smaller and more focused the task, the easier it is to accomplish.
#3 Choose your Thoughts Carefully. Creation happens rather we want it or not.
#4  Ideas are Worth Millions – But Action, Results and Physical Manifestation is the only thing that other people initially credit.

When faced with the daughting challenge of building a business, the leader must be both visionary, manager and doer. I know we all feel that we are the only one that can really get the job done to the quality and consciousness we demand. But, as stated previously, once the mind and environment is cleared on clutter and is organized with all back-up references ready and waiting. we must then jump into action. We suggest always starting your day with a short reflection on spirit and the business plan and immediate goals. Keep a perspective on relationships, family and social comments. Try to review the day, week month and yearly goals. Then review up coming Client and project demands. This short reflection time helps keep the days efforts and results in tune with the masterplan.

Of course, we always recommend working from a well organized and tasked out business plan. The challenge is to be able to focus on the tasks at hand while making sure you can break away for those short but important significant other and family obligations. But even working from a good business plan does not make the challenge of figuring out what to do next any easier. Working from a prioritized task list makes it easy. But the key is the thought that goes into the task. We find that we can work days on a design concept presentation and put tons of time and thought into the results, but find that at the end of the session, it comes down to 1 – 2 ideas that really are good enough or the best approach to proceed with. So it seems that all that work was in vain. I could of sketched that idea down in 2 minutes. That 1 idea is worth the value of all the fees we receive.

Those single ideas are worth millions to us a business and hopefully millions more for our Clients. But the funny thing is all that work came down to just one drawing in the end. The lesson we have learned it is the quality of the thought not the quantity. This is the enlighten path. It is realizing that the person or business that is making millions is not working nay longer or harder than you. Then what is the difference. The difference is the quality of thought and that divine inspiration which has helped that person find a winning formula which has delivered money and results. The success is based on many factors. Individual leadership, money investment, task management, customer response and the social environment. The business plan will account for all of these issues, but the insight is the ability to focus the results into the most impact for the effort. Working harder is not necessarily working better. The power of an idea is the spark of the result but the medium is action. But the knowledge to deliver a result is usually based on proven business experience. Why do you think we pay CEO’s such outrageous salaries. It is because we believe they can deliver million in return based on there ability to focus the companies efforts into profits.

Focus your thoughts on that one result that will make a difference and the business world will respond. Recognize the power of cutting through the pile of mis-information and choosing the path of thought is your real power.

The empowerment slogan for the quarter: “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” Goethe

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