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Design Power

With the holiday season just around the corner in terms of product development, we all seem to be feeling even more pressure to continue to pursue our power of design, patent and new product development.  The POC Proof of Concept in terms of product development is to pursue our power of design to provisional patent and make 3D CAD drawings and POC prototype.

We think that the recession is still lingering but most investors seem to think we are at the bottom and we can only go up.  This means Inventors are popping up everywhere bringing a fresh round of new fantastic products and ideas to market. Many people believe that everything that will ever be invented has already been invented. I believe this is a false truth that only discourages, while others are succeeding at it. The power of design is action 3D CAD – CAM & CNC. Let’s grab this year by the tail and wing it around until we can hold the vision in our hands and create enough interest in our idea or product or business to give us the faith and belief – we can achieve success. Now always run by the numbers but if it’s a better idea and we can make it an affordable value, cheap and easy to manufacture, it will come to market. Now Giddy Up   Contact Us!

The empowerment slogan for the year:
Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music. ~Ronald Reagan

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