Portfolio Packaging

XtraBlue® Shock Bottle

Client: BioLab™

It’s pool time! WhiteLight Design worked with the BioLab™ innovation team for the development of a new package, in the competitive and not so easy to open chemical, pool shock treatment package market. Intended for the indoor/outdoor pool and spa environment, poly bags require a sharp edge or scissors to open. The Client inspired package solution, a custom easy open bottle! The design solution included a unique geometry and merchandising format including a stable square platform to round grip transition profile billboard and crowned shoulder, topped off with a color matched safety cap. The human factors considered carrying, easy tilt and controlled pouring of the granulated powder product. The program included sketching, 3D CAD modeling and mock-ups, confirming with the subtle sculpted finger wrap was design on purpose! With WhiteLight Design playing a very small part, the Client is lighting up the pool world by pouring shock from a easy dispense bottle! BioLab and Xtra Blue are registered trademarks.

Silky Swim

Silky Swim™ Goodbye Dry!

Client: Biolab

Silky Swim™ Goodbye Dry! WhiteLight Design provided packaging development of a custom bottle for a new swimming pool maintenance product. The objective was to create a package that brands the product as an upscale, cosmetic type quality water treatment. Working with the technology, marketing and fulfillment teams, numerous rounds of concepts were explored leading to 3D mock-ups and a final CAD model for manufacturing. The solution focused on maximizing the merchandizing label presentation, human factors and semantics of liquid bottle design in the indoor/outdoor pool environment. The geometry included an edge profile for easy tilt and pouring of measured amounts of product, combined with an ergonomic handle grip for the ease of carrying and pouring tasks. The bottle design was topped off with a color matched safety cap, complimented with subtle sculpted ripple waves.

Angry Egg™

Client: Biolab

This was a fast paced project with the objective to create a cost effective chemical delivery package innovation that brands the product as an exciting and effective solution to clearing up dirty, foggy pool water. WhiteLight Design provided full industrial design, “Art to Part” to find a balance of merchandising design and functional package performance in the water. It took the WD and BioLab teams working together weeks of rapid response and creative prototyping to prove the technology and achieve the desired results. The deliverables included 3D CAD for release to injection mold design. Mr. Steve Dietz, Brand Director of BioLab’s Pro Dealer Division stated, “Debuting these products is the result of months and months of research and development that our Technology and Innovations team undertook to introduce some truly ‘wow’ new options to our customers and consumers.”


Big Gulp® “Proprietary Bottles”

Client: CLIENT: Ball® Corp., GA & 7-Eleven® Corp, TX

Working with the Ball’s Marketing and Engineering team, WhiteLight Design was asked to be creative consultant in developing a proprietary cold fill bottle design for it’s Client, 7-Eleven Corporation. The project required on site brainstorming, and sketching followed by quick drawn color renderings to support the team in visualizing concepts. Several concept directions were chosen were we explored different grips and textures. We concluded the project with several rounds of photorealistic mock-up presentation renderings. Big Gulp® fans will now be getting big refreshment in the bottle.

PET* 16 oz Plastic Beer Bottle – Packaging Innovation

Client: Ball Corporation, CO with Coors Brewing Co., CO

On this project WD worked with Ball’s sales and marketing team, presenting to Coors Brewery Company to provide conceptual bottle design for the new line of plastic beer bottles. The new PET bottles incorporate Ball Corp.’s Amazon HM(TM) multilayer barrier technology which is a nylon composite material that provides both an active oxygen barrier and a passive carbon dioxide barrier. This means cold, fresh taste in a classic glass look, long neck, cool and comfortable to the touch bottle, complimented with the trademark Rocky Mountains has an embossed grip texture, silhouetted around the shoulder. The bottles are placed in an award-winning 18 Cooler Pack, (see below) a package that coverts to a cold ice-filled cooler.

J-B Weld Company
Branding Program – Menard’s Wood Restore
Packaging & Merchandising – Point of Purchase

Client: J-B Weld Company

WhiteLight Design worked closely with the Leadership of J-B Weld in conceiving and putting together a rapidly executed wood restore retail brand presence. It started with an invitation from Menard’s Corporation of Wisconsin to participate in a contest to win the business category for providing a new line high quality line of wood adhesive and repair products. The presentation included 9 product package proposals with full mock-up graphics. J-B Weld solidly won the Mernard’s business – beating out the other big players. This start-up venture was launched and in stores in 9 months including several new premium epoxy products and a new “Wood Restore” trademark which has already formed a bond with the Client.

Phone & Accessories Product Consumer Packaging
*Work performed by Ms. Marcia Romanuck

Client: Mitsubishi Corporation, GA

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