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Technical Services are always on and the core methodology of creative design and engineering new product development.   In today’s business environment your success requires delivering excellent products quickly and at a competitive price.  The primary conversation is unit cost to manufacture.  WhiteLight Design services are dialed to the primary disciplines of  Industrial Design, Design Engineering, 3D CAD-CAM, Prototype  Packaging and  Branding services are designed to give you that competitive edge, from qualifying  feasibility of an idea to determining the best approach to manufacturing, we deliver solid business results.  From sketches to patent drawings, virtual 3D CAD model to mock-up and prototype, we provide the information you need to make those critical “go/no go” business decisions.  See also The Strategic Development Process.  Call us today at  (770) 277-7097 and find out how we can help you develop a product  and succeed.

“Do It Right the First Time”  Plan, Execute, Refine and Deliver as Agreed!