Portfolio Product Design

Scent Freshener Dispenser

Client: Millennium Plastics Corporation, GA with Cintas Corporation, OH

This corporate Industrial Design, Engineering and 3D CAD program involved the redevelopment and private labeling of a new family of sanitary disposal, paper product and scent freshener dispenser products to compliment the restroom and hygiene services offered by the Client. The project was facilitated by interaction with the service providers to improve the product function, efficiency and reliability. Consideration into the human factors, ergonomics, psychological and social aspects of the hygiene service providers and users was emphasized. The goal was to create smooth, soft, clean rounded forms and user friendly semantics to help reduce hard to reach cleaning surfaces and areas of dirt and dust collection.

Ergotar – Electric Guitars

Client: Ergotar

The Industrial Design concept is simple. Make the best sounding, most comfortable instrument to play possible, an “Ergonomic” Guitar and Bass – designed for Classical, Jazz and serious Rock-n-Rollers who jam for hours and know when true art is being performed, history is being made and want to be a part of it! The GEN 4 models are a continuing step in thinking outside the slab and the evolution of producing a high quality electric guitar. The more you play it the more you will appreciate the tonal quality, play and feel of the Ergotar. Visit http://www.ergotar.com/ to see more.

Little Fretty Guitar Warm Up

Product Venture: WhiteLight Design, Inc. Fretocizer.com – Little Fretty, GA

“Little Fretty” is patented pocket sized, with a 5 fret / 6 string full size portion of the fret-board / neck of a standard electric or acoustic guitar that fits comfortable in your hand. Pocket sized, he is recommended for musicians of all skill levels and is great for warm up, practice or rehearsal. He doesn’t make any sound so you can jam away without disturbing your neighbors, parents, spouse, friends or fellow musicians, although you may imagine hearing him in your head. He is made of a space age, hard foam type material, engineered to give a 3-Dimensional feel of the guitar neck, frets and strings and gives a pressure resistance to build playing strength and ability.

AcCueShot Billiard Training

Client: Chadam Innovations, LLC PROJECT: AcCueShot™

The complete product development program included Industrial Design; concept sketching, following through with user interface design, full scale color renderings, ultimately developing the ProE®/3D CAD virtual model and 4 rounds of working prototype models. From concept to light, WhiteLight Design worked with the Client to deliver an Enlightened product angle to this technology.

Multi-flavor Valve Dispenser

Client: The Coca-Cola Company*, GA

WD worked from a concept sketch, following through with pencil layout design control drawings to finally a ProEngineer 3D CAD model. The prototype team consisted of I.D., ME & EE and three model makers/prototypers. The design incorporated a sheet metal sub-structure with hand fabricated acrylic and Stereolithography (SLA) rapid prototyping covers and buttons. The three dimensional cup shaped buttons were internally illuminated and really poured 4 flavors of fountain drink. We delivered the units to the Client mounted in two custom-built presentation cabinets in 6 weeks.

RF Inventory Terminals

Client: LXE® Corporation, GA

The project included the development of a handheld RF terminal combined with two versions of a hard mounted RF terminal with a full screen or half display and a scaled keyboard. From concept sketches to focus test form models, we delivered an Enlightened human factors approach to the products. Photos courtesy LXE Corporation

Ramp Lock Router

Client: Ryobi Motor Products, SC

Work performed by Willis Whiteside while working with Industrial Design Associates, Inc.
Principle Industrial Designers: Mr. Jim Watson, Mr. Alex Chunn

Working with the client’s engineering team this was a complete development project. that encompassed concept generation through production design. The heart of the design solution is the patented, ramped step-ring that allows the user to incrementally adjust and measure the height of the router bit. This work shown is development sketches, color renderings and an appearance model of the final production design, work completed as part of a team at IDA.

Ionizing Room Air Purifier

Work performed by Willis Whiteside while working with Industrial Design Associates, Inc.
Principle Industrial Designers Mr. Doug Alsup & Mr. Bill Saunders

This project work is a pure example of high performance industrial design for a new electro-static electronic ionizing room air purifier which can remove both harmful and irritating airborne particulates. The unit is constructed of a base, top and two sides – blow molded interlocking panels.

Personal Sanctuary Desk

Client: InnerConnect, L.L.C., Atlanta, GA

We researched classic architectural, religious and symbolic influences including places of worship and furniture styles for altars, churches, temples, shrines, masques, synagogues and cathedrals. The final solution was primarily derived from the Greek/Roman gothic arch based on the minimalist principles of getting the most strength from the least in utilization of materials, to create wall spans, doorways and windows. The product design solution considered the ergonomics of kneeling and reading to give it a sense of human scale, simplistic quality and subtle elegance in an easy to assemble, mass producible solution.

Carpet Color Swatch System

Client: Plastics Engineering Labs for Milliken® Carpets, GA

With 230 swatch trays per drawer and six color-coded display draws, totaling 1380 swatch trays per display box, the new tray display system is mass produced for Milliken Carpet interior designers, retail and wholesale distributors. WD provided drawings, design concepts and color rendering for an injection molded stackable display tray system, but based on low volume and tooling costs the Client elected to not pursue the molded drawer box design. The final display box system is a heavyweight cardboard, four-color printed, numbered tray and drawer – display box, developed internally by the Client. The new R&D injection molded tray is a better performing solution that gives the Client the full spectrum of color, displayed at a fraction of the old cost.

3D Holospherix Camera

Client: Vistascape Technologies Corp., GA

Working with Vistascape’s Chief Founder and Scientist, WhiteLight Design developed the 3D holospherix camera as a “state of the art” design in high resolution imaging technology. Aimed at the real estate, entertainment and virtual tour markets, the design was developed to create excitement and establish a hi-tech product image which the Client could use to fund and market the product.

Color Coded Utility Markers

Client: SiltSaver Corporation, GA

Millions of concrete utility markers are placed by requirements of City, County and Utilities to meet building and public safety codes. The problem is these concrete collar blocks and marker posts typically crack, chip and or break under normal use. Additionally, building or road construction workers routinely need to spray paint each marker with the corresponding code color to identify these important devices in the field ( Red for Natural Gas, Blue for Water, Orange for Telephone/Cable/Data ). The marked solution – plastic. These integral color, exterior grade, large structural foam plastic molded parts reduce breakage, painting and replacement, withstanding heavy equipment loads and years of color fastness, helping to quickly locate them, in the case of an emergency and ultimately saving money to the developers, utilities, governments and the tax payer. This innovative plastic post and valve marker versus concrete gives the construction industry a long lasting alternative to this public utility management issue.

Data Junction Enclosures

Client: DataComm Electronics ® Corporation, GA

Working with the Client’s principle engineering and marketing team this was a “new generation” of terminal box products designed for the installers from Data Comm Electronics. The project included multiple junction box enclosure which had to pass building and safety codes. From concept sketches to focus test prototype models, we delivered full 3D ProE CAD modeling and 2D documentation including project management with the China manufacturer bringing a smile to our Clients new product line and bottom line.

Modular Tile Mat System

Client: Plastics Engineering Labs for Milliken® Carpets, GA

Plastic Engineering Labs (PEL) was asked to support the engineering and plastics development tooling and manufacturing development of a new, engineered, modular, tiled, anti-fatigue, dirt collecting mat solution. The final solution was a an exercise in ground level thinking and complex matrix molding combined with and M.C. Escher style repeating interlocking geometric features. The carpet mat system solution is injection molded in a proprietary plastic compound, constructed with molded square tiles consisting of a modular 8″ x8″ square grid with circular depressions and three rectangular glue inset carpet strips. The tiles are all edge interlocked with repeated, male-female dove tail fastening connector features. The desired final tile mat size is then bordered with a molded, beveled edge finish trim with the same interlocking edge fastening system. The straight edge and mitered corner edge trim pieces are then joined with a corresponding 8″ strip connector or 4″ 90 degree, mitered corner connector with small molded fastener pins that link the edge connectors and corner strips to the edge trim and tiles. The result is a size to weight ratio that gives the Client a grip on the competition.

Truck Automotive Accessories

Client: Lund International Corp., GA

Winning the bid over several design firms, WD worked with the Lund International’s Marketing and Engineering teams to provide vehicle after market product accessories, conceptual development for a new Lund Look ’05. The objective was to provide an integrated product system look or “styling” incorporating the outlined (7) major truck automotive image accessory categories including: Visors, Running Boards, Grill Inserts, Cab Fairings, Tailmates, Wings and Cargo Management. Delivery include a series of 40 themed concept sketches followed by 6 final color rendering proposals. Based on WD blue sky conceptual design effort, the Lund Marketing team picked several of the proposed product concepts and the Client’s engineering team delivered the NEW LOOK 2005 accessory series to market in 9 months.

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