To begin working with WhiteLight Design and our leaders and you want to learn more about how to best bring your ideas, invention or product forward, it all starts with valued personal relationships and 3 easy steps:

1. Establishing trust,
2. A fundamental working knowledge,
3. A defined strategy.

Your individual and corporate investment in consulting with the WhiteLight Design creative team includes committed and experienced individuals with access to the latest product development technology, materials, and manufacturing resources. From beginner inventors to seasoned product managers to venture capitalist, we will answer all of your questions throughout the process. Even if you are not sure what you need, but would like guidance over a project, we can help, check out the Design or Project Brief page.  Our more experienced Clients and Product Managers may want to skip straight to requesting quotations.  Start by downloading, signing and faxing us the free WD/Client NDA Confidentiality Agreement which allows you to share information with our designers and engineers without risk.

For your convenience we have included an EXPEDITE  request from which will assist you in most efficiently begin working with our creative network.  Please fill out the form with at leastthe basics and it can be Emailed it back to us.  For a short conversation or a complete presentation of how we can address your needs, please contact us at (770) 227-7097.

President: Mr. Willis Whiteside
Engineering / CAD:  Mr. Vlad Moise
Product Development Consultation Inquiries:
General Questions:  Ms. Debbie Whiteside

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It all starts with valued personal relationships and 3 easy steps.
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