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The core WhiteLight Design Team is led by Mr. Willis Whiteside, M.S., IDSA and Senior Associates of 20+ years who are committed to building dreams and supporting our Clients at the highest level of design and prototype service possible.  

At WhiteLight Design, gaining your confidence and trust that we are qualified and committed to your business objectives and goals is our primary focus.   Our Clients,  ranging from start-up inventors to Fortune 500 corporations, have worked with us in all manners of scope and the new product development process.  We focus on the Fundamentals using masters level industrial design, 3D CAD, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing experience with advanced materials technology and strategic business intelligence to deliver long term, human-centered design solutions.  We understand that your idea or product is a potential vessel to success and we will work with you to tailor a specific development phase or full program to deliver the prototype of your dreams.  WhiteLight Design operates with mutual respect committed to your overall business success 24/7, with the highest integrity and standards of the industry.   Lots of questions,  we invite you to email willis@whitelightdesign.com or call us at (770) 277-7097.  

If you succeed, we suceed, we have built our portfolio and reputation on it!

MISSION:  WhiteLight Design
 is the service of empowering individuals and business leaders with strategic Industrial Design, Engineering, 3D CAD New Product Development Services to leverage their resources, lead and support them in launching their new inventions, patents, models, prototypes, products and business to the market with success.

:  At WhiteLight Design, we are concerned about our growing population and the mass consumption of disposable packaging products.  As Designers, we have a responsibility to future generations to lead in creating and maintaining a more sustainable vision for businesses and individuals and the impact of our decisions and ways of living. We will always look for ways to enhance the overall impact new design, products and technologies have on it’s creators and ultimate users from manufacturing floor to landfill.


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