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Under the Lights – 2005

Each year we create, illustrate and write a custom holiday card to give thanks to all who support us past, present and future.   We are very grateful for the opportunity to serve and hope you enjoy our festive and creative annual Holiday Lights!

Under the Lights - 2005 Holiday Card Baseball memories

The gentleman gazed into his favorite ornament, in a place of honor there on the tree and began to recall a time in his past, a time that lifts spirits and still inspires today. It was cold outside with frosty gusts to chill the skin, but he was thinking of another time, when warm breezes blew across a baseball field. Baseball was his favorite thing, but that year had been tough for his family. So all he had asked for was a glove and a ball and a chance to play for the Championship at the end of the season, Under the Lights. Many odds had seemed against him, but Christmas Magic had come through, enduring all year, as so often is true. He smiled and reflected upon the nine innings he typically played and the timeless principles he had learned:

1.   A Diamond is a precious gem
2.  First you have to show up, then practice and train
3.  Your coach can see more of the game than you can
4.  The Umpire is the supreme authority
5.  Without competition, there would be no game
6.  Stealing base is extremely risky
7.  If your team wins, you win
8.  A sacrifice can bring you home and win the game
9.   In every inning you must play for the Championship to reach your Dream ….. Under the Lights !!

We at WhiteLight Design are wishing for you, the heart to walk up to the mound, lean back and wind up, release your very best pitch …And see your dream come true …..Under the Lights !!!

” I became a good pitcher when I stopped trying to make them miss the ball and started trying to make them hit it.” — Sandy Koufax  Born 1935 Baseball  HALL of FAME 1972

Illustrator: Willis Whiteside Author: Debbie Whiteside

COPYRIGHT: WhiteLight Design, Inc. 2005 All Rights Reserved


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