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The Light – 2013

Each year we create, illustrate and write a custom holiday card to give thanks to all who support us past, present and future.   We are very grateful for the opportunity to serve and hope you enjoy our festive and creative annual Holiday Lights!

The Light - 2013 Holiday Card Light Prototype Construction

Dear Family, Friends and Associates,

This season we are drawing on “The Light” to give thanks to everyone who has given us the opportunity to share their business, hopes, and dreams. We are often asked where the name WhiteLight came from. It started in 1992 as acknowledgement of the source of our inspired creativity, the drive to use Design for the development of better products, and to improve the quality of life for others! The source of the name is from the Bible. “The true Light that gives Light to everyone was coming into the world.” John 1:9

We know it takes hard work, great ideas, and real world prototypes to be put in the SpotLight. We encourage you to keep the faith and positive attitude. You can always count on us if you need any inspiration or 3D CAD prototyping for more flashes of brilliance!

The prototype construction document below, is a representation of a flash of brilliance of  “The Light” and your creative idea, ready for prototype release.  The CAD model is a three-dimensional representation of polytopal light developed from a stellated cubicuboctahedron, the process of projecting the polyhedron surface face planes to points to form a stellated dodecahedron or a uniform star.  The formation of the non-uniform 90 degree “cross” light projections accented with 45 degree offsets is still a mystery.  The three dimensional model is shown with orthographic, cross section and perspective views.

You are welcome to download, build, fabricate or machine from the attached drawing.


Willis+Debbie & The Team 3D CAD Modeling – Illustration & Copywriting: Willis & Debbie Whiteside   COPYRIGHT: WhiteLight Design, Inc. 2013  All Rights Reserved


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