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Drone Light – 2015

Each year we create, illustrate and write a custom holiday card to give thanks to all who support us past, present and future.   We are very grateful for the opportunity to serve and hope you enjoy our festive and creative annual Holiday Lights!

Drone Light - 2015 Holiday Card Santa drones at work

Santa stands consulting his tablet, each item outlined in great detail. Checking his list and checking again, he verifies marking wishes to fill. Integrated into this hand-held device is Santa’s latest secret. He embraces the value of innovation, as he himself has been an inventor for a very long time.

Santa smiles as he masterfully works his new custom designed MDPS (multi-drone pulse system). Each drone is equipped with a frequency chip to respond to Santa’s every signal. Efficiency is enhanced with amazing accuracy.

The whole family sleeps unaware in the house, with one exception it seems. The young son was awakened by the sound of bells and hum of machines. This year the time paraded by so fast, it left them exhausted and in a bit of a bind. Decorating will be their bonus gift because Santa is so kind.

The excited child hides quietly hoping not to get caught. The room has a soft, even magical glow as he watches in silent awe. Santa’s jolly has become contagious, and it overflows. Elves and drones make quite a project team.

Activity flurries as elves work in tandem with the flying drones. They’re having so much fun, it doesn’t seem like work at all. They move about in perfect precision, and tasks are done at lightning speed. One final adjustment from Santa’s control, and this jobis complete. They get back to the sleigh, on their way with reindeer eager to leap.

Wonders unfold, and new intertwines with past remembrances that our hearts dearly hold. Brilliant new technology blends with sweet traditions. We savor the joys of the Season and recount the story many times told.


WHITELIGHT DESIGN  Willis+Debbie & The Team  “Santa Claus will always come, as long as you believe.” Momma

Illustrator: Willis Whiteside  Author : Debbie Whiteside  COPYRIGHT: WhiteLight Design Inc. 2015 All Rights Reserved


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