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Concert Light – 2012

Each year we create, illustrate and write a custom holiday card to give thanks to all who support us past, present and future.   We are very grateful for the opportunity to serve and hope you enjoy our festive and creative annual Holiday Lights!

Concert Light - 2012 Holiday card Santa's Musical Concert

Concert Dome is complete with video streaming live
The marvelous magical season is about to arrive
And North Pole Industries has produced a new show
Artists, musicians, technicians are all ready to go.

Master stage is set, sound surround and spotlights strobing
Blasters range from loud to soft and modulating
State of the art everywhere, quad stack tower and decibel meter
Wireless digital wide channel mixer bringing it all together.

Smart phones and tablets and monitors on
The finest HD video and clearest crystal tone
For rush shift workers for each girl and boy
For polar bears and reindeer, even toys to enjoy.

Santa knows the importance of preparation
And wants everyone maxed up on inspiration
Love and joy emanate from the soul as his bell is rung
Warmth radiates and reverberates with each carol sung.

Rehearsing, refining, performing and playing
Equipment set-ups and instrument tuning
Keyboard, guitar, and five-string bass
Are all in synch and blending with grace.

The North Pole Band is tight, ringing just right in harmony
Santa’s vocals croon, echoing with heart the purest melody
Percussion is precision, tapping out time and resonance
Sticks, snares, bass and cymbals set the mood in perfect cadence.

The sound is amplified, atmosphere electrified
Elves know the songs and have to sing along
Music making merry, and swaying side to side
Dancing in the aisles, happy faces sharing smiles.

Rockin, rollin, slidin, strollin, tango to techno
Generation be-bop all the way to hip hop
Hi-Fi to Wi-fi Santa broadcasts in the groove
On his feet, got the beat, Santa does not miss a move !!!

Knowing that Love never divides, it only multiplies in the hearts
of those who find it, with our gratitude, we wish you all the
Love, Joy, Music and Light that the Season provides !!!


Willis+Debbie & The Team

A bell’s not a bell ’til you ring it, A song’s not a song ’til you sing it,
Love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay, Love isn’t love ’til you give it away!
Oscar Hammerstein II


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