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Throne Light(C) 2021 – A Vision of Heaven /  The Pillars & The Books

The tabernacle and temples on Earth were used to honor and serve GOD who always wanted to dwell among and communicate directly with HIS people.  In New Jerusalem, no longer is the temple needed as a symbol of the house of GOD, tearing down of the Holy of Holies sanctuary veil to become equal with the high priests and have direct access to GOD.  No need for the Greek support pillars in the building of the Holy mansions, Rev 21:22.  The pillars and colonnades are purely for decoration and beauty.  Embodied with intricate artistic carvings of the grapevine and fruits of the nations.

     The Pillars

The pillars described in Solomon’s temple are 30 cubits – approximate 45 feet tall and 5 cubits – 8 feet diameter.

4.1 “Boaz” to the North “in it is strength,” and

4.2 “Jachin” to the South “he shall establish”

Located on the temple portico.  On top of the pillars 2 capitals bowls formed of lily leaves, 5 cubits-8 feet high. A network of interwoven chains adorn the capitals, seven for each capital. 2 rows of pomegranates encircle each network on top of the pillars and capitals. The capitals the bowl shape of lilies, four cubits high, four hundred pomegranates in a network of rows all around. I Kings 7:15-22, I Kings, 7:41-42, 2 Chronicles 3:15-17, Jeremiah 52:17.

     The Books

6.0   BOOKS or  SCROLLS / 7 SEALS  Revelation 5:1, 20:12, 22:18-19, Daniel 7:10, 12:1

6.1   The Book of Life  Rev 3:5, 13:8,  17:8,  Exodus 32:32-33,  Psalm 69:28, Philip 4:3, John 1:29, 36, Luke 10:20, Revelation 20:15 (Book of the Living, Psalm 139)

6.2  The Book of Remembrance  Malachi 3:10, Acts 10:1-4  Truth  Daniel 10:21

6.3  The Book of Tears  Psalms 56- 8, 34:18, 2 Kings 20:5

 6.4 The Book of Works – Rewards – Daniel 7:10, Revelation 20:12

    The Molten Sea

The Molten Sea or Holy Sea is a large molten bronze, lily shaped bath of Holy water for the priests’ ritual cleansing located in the South East corner in the court of Solomon’s Temple.  A diameter of ten cubits (15 feet) at the brim height of five cubits (8 feet) 1 Kings 7:23-26, volumes are recorded in 1 Kings 7:26 (2,000 baths) and in 1 Chronicles 4:5 (3,000 baths).  The brim decorated with gourds in two rows around the circumference of the lip. A base consisting of twelve oxen, three facing toward each of the four cardinal points of the compass. A handsbreadth (5″) in thickness, and the lip was curved over like the flower of a lily.


1.  Throne Light
2.  Throne Light  A Vision of Heaven
3. On the Throne
4. Pillars and Books
5.  Tree & River of Life 

6.  Schematic Size-Scale
7. Schematic Elevation LEVELS
8. Schematic Elements

9. Throne Light  Artistic Inspiration
10.  Vision of Heaven – Art Development Process 

11.  The Key to Heaven
12. Belief in Heaven
13. The Grand Architect
14. Throne Light – The Invitation


15.   Bible Coded Key

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QUALIFICATIONS:  This is an artist perspective of Heaven.  Great liberties have been taken as to the images, symbology and color coding choices which are represented.  Any symbols or religious projections are meant to be for illustration and educational purposes only.   Please forgive any images which do not agree with religious, history, text or belief systems.  The intent is to share with good intent an artist perspective of the stories of the Bible.  We understand that many beliefs and interpretations including linguistic translations with research and scholarly interpretations and the meanings and projections of such images or symbols may arise.  Or that such interpretations may conflict with personal or religious beliefs.   This is a work in process.   Comments are welcomed to support representing the referenced Bible book, verses in a positive view of the descriptions of Heaven and the Angels and to be as accurate to GOD’s Word as possible, with artistic liberties.
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