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Throne Light Development Process

Heavens Throne Pencil Line Sketch Drawing of Heaven's Throne_160110

Throne Light Progress Pencil on Vellum Layout Sketch 2015
Lines transferred to  canvas

The painting process was the most time consuming.  It began at the top with the image of GOD and the Living creatures and Cherubim Angels and worked down.   Several major – color layering steps of the painting development process to the canvas..

Throne Light Progress September 21, 2019


Throne Light Progress Oct 23, 2019


Throne Light Progress April 4, 2021

Throne Light FINAL ART  Nov 2,  2021

Throne Light grew into thousands of custom color mixed brush strokes and dots of colored light.  The process became a layering of translucent color to build the rainbows of contrasting colors.  The one point perspective of GOD at the top was the focus of all.  Every blade of grass is swaying to Jesus!

May this art inspire you to foresee Heaven as your eternal home.


1.  Throne Light
2.  Throne Light  A Vision of Heaven
3. On the Throne
4. Pillars and Books
5.  Tree & River of Life 

6.  Schematic Size-Scale
7. Schematic Elevation LEVELS
8. Schematic Elements

9. Throne Light  Artistic Inspiration
10.  Vision of Heaven – Art Development Process 

11.  The Key to Heaven
12. Belief in Heaven
13. The Grand Architect
14. Throne Light – The Invitation


15.   Bible Coded Key

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QUALIFICATIONS:  This is an artist perspective of Heaven.  Great liberties have been taken as to the images, symbology and color coding choices which are represented.  Any symbols or religious projections are meant to be for illustration and educational purposes only.   Please forgive any images which do not agree with religious, history, text or belief systems.  The intent is to share with good intent an artist perspective of the stories of the Bible.  We understand that many beliefs and interpretations including linguistic translations with research and scholarly interpretations and the meanings and projections of such images or symbols may arise.  Or that such interpretations may conflict with personal or religious beliefs.   This is a work in process.   Comments are welcomed to support representing the referenced Bible book, verses in a positive view of the descriptions of Heaven and the Angels and to be as accurate to GOD’s Word as possible, with artistic liberties.
COPYRIGHT: THRONE LIGHT 2021 All rights reserved. It is illegal to copy, transmit electronically or reproduce this art or written material in whole or in part in any form.  May not be posted or reposted, shared or transmitted on the internet.  All scripture, quotations, unless otherwise indicated are either the authors own translation or are taken from THE HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®, NIV®  Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Bibilica, Inc.™  Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.
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