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Invention and patenting your idea, is most important if proceeding to market.  From idea to drawings to manufacturing development and launching your product.    Invention Development, we quote on budget and on time to help with the provisional drawings or a Proof of Concept Prototype Development.  The goal is, “first to the a patent office wins”.  Considering your  Intellectual Property (IP) protection rights with Provisional Patent protection for one year or the Non Provisional – Utility Patent or Design Patent with Digital Art.  We can provide legal invention or patent submission drawings for you quoted per sheet, based on complexity.

The invention patent process usually requires significant investment so the real value of our service is working closely with you and the ability to make intelligent, informed decisions based on experience to dedicate the resources to confidently develop the best design solution.  WhiteLight Design and applied industrial design is typically the key to a profitable venture.  Invention and the desire for a patent comes with many risks but practical knowledge and applied experience will avoid many of the large sharks and whirlpool money drains. In general we suggest you avoid Invention Submission Promotion companies.  Most importantly, approach your product development from a profitability perspective to utilize applied Industrial Design based on intelligent Human Factors and User Interface Design to increase your chances of being awarded a patent and business success.

To patent your idea WhiteLight Design will guide you through our Strategic Development Process, to work with you to generate the required patent drawings or art to legally file for your design, provisional or non provisional utility patent with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office or other international protection.  We can refer and always recommend you work with a Patent Attorney to support any intellectual property legal protection.  See the pages below for more information.

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