What Others Are Saying

Mr. Daniel Boyd

Our experience with Willis and his team has been excellent.  We had looked all over the country for the right person to help us develop our prototype.  I mean the right person when I say not a large company who would be insensitive to my budget, and not someone over-promising just to get work.  We found the right person.  Willis and his team were creative in offering lots of ideas yet knowledgeable about potential pitfalls.  He understood my idea and put real thought into making it successful.  I look forward to our continued relationship and would highly recommend WhiteLight Design.

Daniel R. Boyd
Remembering a Lifetime

Mr. Dave Rettig

To Whom It May Concern, When I first stumbled upon WhiteLight Design I was disillusioned as a private inventor. Before I met Willis Whiteside and his team I was ready to throw in the towel and concede to the fact that in order to be a true innovator one must either be part of a large corporation or independently wealthy. WD not only agreed to take on my product, but willingly stepped into the the all important role of mentor with focused direction. The process of R&D is like blazing a new trail without a compass. WD is that compass. You have to be able to open your mind to new directions and unforeseeable hurdles. No one understands this journey better than Willis and his team. They can literally take a fledgling idea and breath life into it until it becomes a reality. The quality of work is top notch from conception through working prototype and beyond. Willis and his team always treat their clients with dignity and respect. They achieve the highest level of design, engineering, and consultation while maximizing efficiency in order to keep cost down. The American dream needs companies like WD to nurture true innovation and foster an environment of support and encouragement. Needless to say I would absolutely recommend WD to my friends and whomever is in need of taking their dream to the next level and making it a reality. Sincere thanks to Willis and his team for inspiring us all and truly being the “White Light” at the end of what can be an awfully dark tunnel.

Dave Rettig
D3 Innovations

Mr. Brian Holliday

BioLab™ Corporation is buoyant and bubbling with delight in the presentation of their new products in 2013.  WhiteLight Design contributed Creative Services for concurrent design programs for two new innovative products, released in January.  “This was a big deal for both professional and retail channels and required special coordinating to obtain all the team approvals and select designs which represented the core product technologies.  WhiteLight Design worked seamlessly with the teams, providing fresh ideas and technical support that exceeded their expectations.  We are extremely proud of the results.”

Mr. Brian Holliday
BioLab Director of Marketing

Ms. Mary Anne Ritter

What sets Willis apart from his peers is that he possesses that rare combination of prolific creativity, high level professionalism and committed listening which has earned him a reputation of integrity. My experience of Willis, consistently, is that he not only provides innovative creative insight, but the power and ability to manage and drive projects from concept to completion. Clearly, I endorse Willis, as a selection of a qualified Designer.

Ms. Mary Anne Ritter
Design Box

Mr. Brian Betkowski

I was very pleased with your service and feel that you have very valuable and creative ideas. I plan to utilize your services in later phases of my current venture and for other ideas that I plan to pursue in the near future. I have also given your name to some of my friends who may require design services.

Again, I appreciate your help and look forward to working with you in the future.

Mr. Brian Betkowski
Papa Bert, Inc, Ventures

Mr. Mark Hyland

I can’t thank you enough for the outstanding quality of your company’s work and your willingness to bend over backward to make the changes we made and to beat the deadlines that you promised. This was an outstanding example of customer service and commitment.

Mr. Mark Hyland
Account Team Leader
Coca-Cola Enterprises – Bottling Companies

Mark J Sampson

I hope you’re doing well. Regarding your inquiry for a set of engineering drawings of your invention, I contacted a company that I’ve worked with over the years. Willis Whiteside, the principal, responded with a very detailed list of services. One of the very best at what he does, he is capable of exceeding your highest expectations and I recommend him without reservation.

Mr. Scott Sharrer

I am very pleased with your output. Your creativity and professionalism have impressed me.

Mr. Scott Sharrer
DSR Enterprises, Inc.

Jerry Phillips

Thank you for your quick and excellent work on the project. The specifics are great and should perform what they were intended to do. The color representation is great. You have brought my visions to life. Hope I have not been to much trouble, everything has been excellent.

Should the need arise, I would not hesitate to utilize your company again.

Jerry Phillips

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