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Thought Is Your Power

Are you a business minded inventor or entrepreneur whose team is in a slump or a leader who sees the grand stands full. The subtle difference is you must focus your thoughts on two levels. One is the physical world, where action and results are the only indicators of success. The second and most important is the psychological or mental or spiritual world of believing in and visualizing your goals and accomplishments, in your mind. You can meditate on or visualize making that pitch that delivers the perfect strike that scores a check hundreds of times in your head and its perfect, every time.  Or you can wonder why do I always, miss the bullseye?  You may hear a little thought or voice always telling you, you can’t do it.  That’s your mind or ego who loves to be heard and the more it keeps you down, the louder it talks.  The quieter voice is a sense of calm and confidence in the middle of the game.

The key difference is to know you create what you believe and attract what you think. If fear and the negative conversation rule your world you will most likely attract the results. Some motivators say simple visualization, some say mental exercise and some believe in a higher power of GOD.  No matter what the outcome, the difference is a belief in a successful goal.  We must focus with a daily discipline to account for every thought, and action. To let the negative thoughts pass and the positive thoughts stick like tar.   Stage 1. Evaluate in the mind, the expense and cost of doing business before you spend the money. Stage 2. Define the most important steps to achieve the goal.  Stage 3 Visualize the goal complete, raising the trophy of success.

Now focus on what is most important, at that moment. Once you have committed to the task, you do not stop until it is complete. It may take days, weeks or months and the daily maintenance and family tasks and unforeseen events will still challenge you. The difference between a genius and a normal thinker is the ability to see the big picture and concentrate on the task at hand. We can begin by becoming more in tune with the affluent thought process and prosperity.  You have to practice with the professionals. Like an Hunter seeking food, you must not deter or lose faith or stop to consider the outside distractions or world. The focus must be total concentration or the outcome may be dire.  If you fail the first day, you will be more determined the second.   When you take on a task with such a dedication to complete it, the only thing that stops you is usually time and money.   But, with enough mental practice and physical focus that too will come, if the product is a value and the presentation is on target.

Harness your thoughts and the business world will respond.  Think home runs and big checks in the mail box!  Most professional pitchers have thrown thousands of physical pitches and hundreds of thousands of metal strikes to qualify them to be on the mound. The difference is practice, practice, practice. Are you willing to pay the dues?   Reach out for help, people love to give advice. To recognize the power of choosing the right thoughts on both levels of the physical and mental game, is your real power.

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The empowerment slogan for the year  “Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything?  Napoleon Hill

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