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Human Factors (HF)  and Ergonomics

WhiteLight Design offers Human Factors (HF)  and Ergonomic reviews focusing on product design for addressing  human size and proportions considering the User-Product interface.  Ergonomics is applied human factors and safety to the commercial workplace.  Most important we understand that for a product to be successful in the marketplace it must be easy to use.  For a review of your design needs and how we can help you please call us at 770 277 7097 for an initial consultation.*

HF  and ergonomics are the backbone of our services and an applied engineering science that is the core of industrial design and satisfying the User-Product Interface related to defined usability, accessibility and universal design needs.   Our focus on human factors involves the observation and study of all aspects of the way humans relate to and interact with the world and products around them.  The aim is improving the product design operational performance, safety, usability and comfort, in the experience of the end consumer.  We use Human Factors which is really the science of qualifying the properties of human capabilities including both static and dynamic body measurements (anthropometrics) and statistical analysis data on the distribution of the dimensions in the population to optimize products, tasks and environments or the User-Product Interface.

Our focus is Human Factors related to the human body, products and environment interfaces: physical (how they fit / size) and mental (how they react to the experience of interfacing with the product or performing specific tasks) and the application of this information to the design and development of products, systems and services.  Anthropometrics refers to the measurement of individuals for the purposes of understanding physical variation, including both static and dynamic measurement using statistical analysis.  Ergonomics is about work  environment and or work task applications and use of human factors and anthropometrics to optimize how individuals and companies plan and design commercial and industrial occupational environments.   The designer works with established baselines and maximization of the product and manufacturing or assembly efficiency and quality of an employees’ work.  Ergonomics is now employed in all large industries usually implemented on an organizational scale including quality control programs such as Lean manufacturing or “Just in Time”, zero inventory.

The ADA – American Disabilities Act involves the areas of human factors and user-product interface services may include: both personal and commercial product architectural and interior space development including ergonomic issues such as product sizing & adjustability, usability, localization and universal design or  “accessibility for all”.    These may include product – human factors analyses for specific product tasks such as training, communication analyses, task analyses, functional and performance requirements analyses, schematic layout, task allocations, task descriptions and functions, procedures and procedure use, learning curve and user and abilities.   As our world and environment becomes more populated, diversified, and complex the need for sound Anthropometrics, Human Factors and User Interface Design becomes even more important.   The growth of the cell phone and tablet media interface has created new human factors issues of distracted walking or  operation of a vehicle or “hands free law” recently passed in Georgia.  Practice of good HF, ergonomics and User Interface Design is usually punished or rewarded by the consumers.

Human Factors applied to product development objectives include:

  • Lower user – interface risk
  • User-friendly – Universal Design (ADA)
  • Compliant with industry standards
  • Lowest possible training requirement – early adoption
  • Use of appropriate semantics – form / user controls
  • Avoid the need for expensive redesign

Human Factors and User Interface Applications – Industries Served:

Home & Personal Medical Products
Medical Diagnostic & Clinical Equipment
Surgical and Therapeutic Products
Appliances: Living, Kitchen & Bath
Lawn & Garden Equipment
Power Tools and Shop Equipment
Recreational: Sports / Leisure
Fitness / Exercise Equipment
Commercial / Industrial Equipment
Electronics  – Personal Devices
Communication Products & Accessories
Lighting:  Fixture, Wall, Ceiling, Outdoor
Commercial & Industrial Equipment
Trucking & Transportation
Inventory Management – Logistics
Automotive Accessories
Utility & Power Tools
Sanitary – Restroom Products
Merchandizing Coolers & Vending
Music Products & Accessories
Toys & Games
Robotics / Animatronics

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