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Industrial Design Projects

The success of our industrial design projects is solely dependent on the prosperous results of our clients. We have experience with many different sectors of markets and industries, which showcases our commitment and the quality we put into product development projects. Industrial design projects are about branding and product design, powered with supporting graphic design, packaging, sign systems and more! Just one friendly call and we will begin planning and executing your unique project and receive unparalleled creativity and quality from our Lawrenceville Georgia - Atlanta team.

Several product development projects we have collaborated on have been recognized and awarded in national product design competitions, reaffirming our commitment to helping our clients succeed.

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Hang10 Tree Stand

Working closely with the Client team the design intent was to develop patentable features for a climbing deer tree stand, to include enlarged platform space with patented leveling adjustability, patented…

Hangen_Hard Hat Caddy

WhiteLight Design is proud to hang our hats on the Industrial Design of the Hangen – Hard Hat Caddy.  Created to offer protection, mobility, and convenient transportation of your personal…

Celebration Light 30 Years

      This year our annual holiday card is quite different.  It is a combination, collage of 30 years of the past and an invitation to celebrate with us…

LVL ShaveCo Neck Groomer

We are proud to present the LVL Neck Groomer Industrial Design, new product launch success.  We worked closely with the Client team to help sharpen the mock-up neck shaver vision into…

Satellite Communication Tower

This Industrial Design development program worked with a U.S. approved military contractor involving the development of a new Satellite Modem Communications Station Tower and trade show prototype.  The goal was…

Auto Vent Air Freshener

The AUTO VENT CLIP triangular shape and floating air bubble vent features won to be displayed on the main vent! 

bg Home Product Packaging

bg Home Product Packaging Creative Work partnering Ms. Marcia Romanuck 

Austin House Travels Essentials

Austin House Travels Essentials Work with Daniels & Roberts Agency partnering with  Ms. Marci Romanuck   

innerface post-panel sign-system

Post & Panel Signs

Modular Plastic Extruded…

data-cable management terminals designs

Data & Cable Management Terminal Designs

Data & Cable Management Terminal Designs

Easy-2|Install 110/220V switch outlet system Sales Sheet Design

Easy 2 Install

110/220V Switch – Outlets…

RED COGNOSOS RT200 Vehicle Tracker


Cognosos RT200 Tracker

portable rechargeable handheld air blower

Portable Rechargeable Handheld Air Blower

Industrial Design: Mechanical Motor/Blower…

Vets Are Like Magic Memorial to Coco and Magic the therr wonderful Vets at Duluth

Vets Are Like Magic

Vets Are Like Magic…

Signature Solutions Corporate Identity Logo / Trademark Digital Stationary

Signature Solutions

This start-up venture was launched with a new logo trademark…

IPI Innovative Products sales brochure injection molding solutions market.

Innovative Products

This start-up venture was launched with a new logo trademark which…

"R" Ripwear Corporate Branding Design | Sportswear Fashion

Ripwear Corporation

This Clients start-up corporate identity project was an exercise in athletic…

Summit at Southlake logo progressive green rising to the pinnacle.

The Summit at Southlake

Corporate Identity – Logo
* Work performed with Rupert/Jenson & Associates

North Point Corporate Park Identity - Scallop Shell Logo


Exterior Sign System*
* Work performed with Lorenc Design, GA Graphic Designer: Maryanne Ritter

Carolina Place Rose Logo Identity 40' Highway progressive monument

Carolina Place

Logo Identity Highway Monument

French Quarter Square 4 corner icons placed on the 4 corner square logo design

French Quarter Square

Corporate Identity – Logo…

IPI Innovative Products injection molding company logo

Innovative Products

Corporate Identity Logo / Trademark & Brochure…

"S" swirl Signature Solutions Corporate Identity

Signature Solutions

Corporate Identity Logo / Trademark Digital Stationary…

MIR Corporate Identity Logo / Interactive Sports Company

MIR Corporation

Corporate Identity Logo / Trademark

Gwinnett Humane Society Logo Design proposal hands holding dog and cat.

Gwinnett Humane Society

Corporate Identity Logo / Trademark Digital Stationary…

"R" Ripwear Corporate Identity Design | Sportswear Fashion

Ripwear Corporation

Sportswear Fashion Company…

The Cumberland Center identity monument sign

Cumberland Center

Exterior and Interior Sign System *work performed with Lorenc Design…

NorthPoint Business Park - Main entry monument

NorthPoint Business Park

AWARD: 1st. Place Signs of the Times- March 1987…

CentrePort Business Park Sign Design

CentrePort Business Park

Exterior and Interior Sign System…

The Summit at Southlake monument - 18'

The Summit at Southlake

Inspired from the local Georgia pines, this corporate identity…

BOLT Retail display island design promoting Nabisco® with Coca-Cola® products.

Snack Island Icons

The store merchandiser is proving to be a powerful brand builder. This retail island promotion…

Coca-Cola’s international shipping cooler product.

International Cooler

Developed with Coca-Cola’s engineering group, this shipping container is…

3D Cooler vacuum form distortion printed graphics

Real Cool 3D Cooler

This 3D Vacuum formed solution was executed with distortion printed graphics…

Powerade Merchandising design

Powerade® Merchandising

We are proud to show off this work by our missed friend and Industrial Designer, Jon Wood…

Conceptual effort for Coca-Cola® Blak® tree display

Blak® Cola Tree

We are proud to show off this work by our missed friend and Industrial Designer, Jon Wood. This conceptual effort for Coca-Cola® Blak® cola tree for the coffee drink warmed…
J-B Weld point of purchase merchandiser design

J-B Weld® Merchandiser

WhiteLight Design has worked closely with the Leadership of J-B…

Counter-top display for Coca-Cola® – Dasani® Nuti-Water® 4 bottles

Dasani® NutriWater® Display

This counter-top display for Coca-Cola® – Dasani® Nuti-Water®…

cellular electronics blister package design

Cellular Pack & Blister

Phone & Accessories Product Consumer Packaging…

J-B Weld Menard’s Wood Restore Packaging Design

J-B Weld® Wood Restore

WhiteLight Design worked closely with the Leadership of J-B Weld in conceiving…

Miller-Coors® Rocky Plastic Beer Bottle

Miller-Coors® Rocky Plastic Bottle

The plastic beer container has always been a steep mountain to climb for brewers…

a proprietary cold fill bottle design, Ball Corp for 7-Eleven Corp.

7-Eleven® Big Gulp Bottles

Working with the Ball’s Marketing and Engineering team, WhiteLight Design was asked to be creative consultant in developing a proprietary cold fill bottle design for it’s Client, 7-Eleven Corporation. The…
Angry Egg™ sink-to-float package technology

Angry Egg®

Angry Egg™ is a completely new, chlorine-free, sink-to-float package delivery…

Silky Swim™ package design custom "rippled waves" sculpted bottle design

Silky Swim®

Silky Swim™ Goodbye Dry! WhiteLight Design provided packaging…

intervenous catheter patency medical device rendering

Intervenous Catheter Patency

WhiteLight Design was asked to lend a spark of creativity to the engineering team…

medex infusion syringe pump-product design

Infusion Syringe Pump

This is one of WhiteLight Design’s most successful medical products…

hand held asthma-inhalation monitor renderings

Asthma Inhalation Monitor

Working with the Clients business development team, WD developed…

medical powered air purifying respirator

Medical Air Purifying Respirator

This masters thesis design project involved development of a lightweight, battery powered…

Biosharp red syringe needle destruction device hospitals clinics

Syringe Needle Destruction

This was truly a rapid prototype project for WhiteLight Design…


Diabetic Needle Disposal

Millions of syringe needles are being disposed of every day…

alice sleep diagnostic monitoring device

Sleep Diagnostic Monitoring

This sleep diagnostic machine is a monitoring and data collection device which assists doctors…

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