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Expedite Form

I anticipate needing the following development services:Business Planning ServicesPersonal or Group ConsultationDesign - Manufacturing - Engineering - Patent Assessment (Feasibility Review)Inventor - Idea Patent Drawings/CAD (Search or Application)Full Product Development (Phased Program/Production - tooling readyIndustrial Design (Styling - Human Factors -User Interface) / 3D Photorealistic Color RenderingEngineering - Mechanical /Electrical3D CAD - ProEngineer/3D CAD (Computer-Aided Design)Prototype Development (Functional - Not Production or Tooling Level)Branding: Graphic Design, Business Indentity - Card/Stationary/Envelope/Brochure DesignPackaging/Merchandising - POP - Display Design, Exhibit Design

What area of the market is your idea/new product design? Business or Industrial product (For use in business)Consumer product (Typically available in department stores)Commercial/Industrial ProductHobby & Crafts - Toys/GamesMedical or Scientific ProductsTransportation and AutomotiveAccessory Products

Please briefly describe your idea or product? What basic size, shape - dimensions does your idea, product or service design have?