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Celebration Light 2021

Celebration Light Art & Card Christmas Show
Celebration Light – 30 Years ART & CARD EXHIBITION SHOW
A mission of North Pole Industries, the Spirit of Santa and the holidays !

Throne Light  A vision of Heaven!  An artistic impression of Heaven on earth and the throne in Revelation 21.

ThroneLight(C)_Unveiled_Vision of Heaven

Click Here  See the Celebration Light Art Gallery Dec 10-11 2021

Click Here  See the Holiday Cards Gallery 

      This year our annual holiday card is quite different.  It is a combination, collage of 30 years of the past and an invitation to celebrate with us at our first public gallery showing.  There will be a display of framed cards and the original art paintings.  In addition there will be the unveiling of an especially inspired painting titled: Throne Light”. 

      We are so grateful and honored for the privilege of sharing and serving these many years.  We could not have done this without the love, support and trust of our family, friends, colleagues and clients.  Thank you !

      Please come and be with us at this event if you can. Your presence will surely make the experience more special.  If not, you will be with us in our hearts !

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !!!

BY INVITATION: Celebration of Light Art and Holiday Cards of Willis & Debbie Whiteside & Family
HIGHLIGHT:   UNVEILED: “Throne Light”  Dec 10th  7:30 PM

279 West Crogan Street Lawrenceville, GA 30046
Community of thriving professionals & entrepreneurs.

DATE – HOURS:  Dec. 10  6:00 PM to 10:00 PM    +    Dec. 11  10:00 AM to 3:00 PM 

Your presence will surely make the event even more special.

10% of all proceeds will go to a Charitable Organization.


Lawrenceville   The legacy also continues with the Lawrenceville “Merry Little Christmas Experience” – CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER
Dec 11th on the Lawrenceville Lawn.
The festivities will include Santa and his reindeer, holiday music, and ice sculptor, shopping, food and sweets! + The Bicentennial “Fireworks Show” at 6:30 pm.

QUESTIONS: 770 277-7097   willis@whitelightdesign.com

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