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Thought = Power

Let’s recap a 2004 EnLightener “Thought is your real power”. To develop your simple plan, we will keep it all extending from the palm of your hand. Building upon, monitoring, and maintaining positive thought is your real power. Practicing it every day is your horsepower. Norman Vincent Peale, a pioneer of understanding the connection of mastering your thought patterns wrote a book on it, entitled “Why positive thinkers get powerful results”. A Fawcett Crest Book, Published by Ballentine Books Copyright 1986. Mr. Peale was a spiritual man. He believed we must master our thoughts, and know the source of our success and keep only the positive. Every thought, leads to some result. Every thought has an expense and cost of time and energy and if you are in business, leading to income or loss. Mr. Peale’s observations were that the affluent tended to have positive and grateful attitudes. To be successful we must become in tune with affluent prosperity.

Here is a consolidated and expanded upon list that may help you keep it all on five fingers. Inspired from the book, Chapter 4 “The positive thinker as an achiever”, these simple five principles of positive thought reinforcement can yield dynamic results, if put to practice. Look at your dominate hand and repeat:

1. Thumb: Stamp your plan and your goal indelibly on your mind. Meditate, dream, plan and place a star on the most important steps.

2. Index Finger: Always imagine yourself as succeeding with GOD’s help. Keep expanding, reading, and learning to reach out and ask. People love to help other people.

3. Middle Finger: When a negative thought enters your mind, immediately cancel it out with a positive thought. The longest digit, Read, expand your mind with positive influences. Those who succeed usually know, just a bit more than the competitors.

4. Ring Finger Build relationships and a 5 step ladder of small steps to your dream. Mentally minimize difficulties and maximize your strengths. Small steps are better than no steps. We all have things we are good and not good at. Keep expressing the positive strengths and results, you have obtained.

5. Pinky Finger Always be friendly and cheerful. Reminder, touch the pinky to the thumb to connect the digits. The circle is complete to practice these positive thought principles every day.

In your one hand is the power of choosing the right order of thought, that is your real power. If you elect to shake another hand, the power expands x10 fold! If you shake 3 or more hands the ideas and probability of success expands x100 fold! Grab another hand and a hold of your positive thoughts and your team and the business world will respond.

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The empowerment slogan:  You create no matter what, you can choose to extend your horizons upwards or be heading for the dirt.

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