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WhiteLight Design knows packaging design is an essential part of a successful marketing and sales strategy.  Product protection for shipping and handling and transport form single unit to a pallet load, to make sure the customer receives the unit in perfect condition.  Retailing, easy to open recyclable corrugated folding box or plastic clam shell blister pack  is mandatory  for large retailers and distributors

Considering the functional requirements the two and three-dimensional packaging opportunity is to design form a customer driven system efficiency and cost standpoint.  Packaging design combines the highlights of the product design and promotional message and graphics off the lot or off the shelf packaging into a consistent, and sellable package.  Also see Branding.

Packaging development should be considered up front into the product design and promotion campaigns.   That includes Industrial Design, advertising, and promotion to use package design semantics to communicate with consumers through applied human factors and sensory conscious design.  Packaging development is about mass production materials and manufacturing techniques supported by 2D digital files and 3D CAD surface models. promotional print graphic design, web and social media representing a company or trade name.

Packaging should compliment the logo or trademark, sales slogan through good recyclable and easy to open package design considering the User – Package experience.  Packaging is about unitizing and inventory pallets and international cargo transportation fulfillment with postal delivery and air travel regulations and the ever changing labeling requirements.  It is best to work with a professional.  We will help you focus your resources with planned and executed packaging design services in Atlanta to help inventors and start-ups establish a solid package identity branded message for their products. WhiteLight Design strives offers full product package system design consulting services.

Packaging Programs may include:

  • Design Theme – Corporate Colors
  • Logo and Tagline
  • Package type selection – Shipping Box – Inserts / product protection 
  • Packaging System – Transportation / Shipping and handling requirements
  • Retail Package Bag/Tag, Clamshell, Folded Box – Inserts / theft -product protection
  • Labeling Requirements:  Molded material symbols – recycle – Safe Disposal 
  • Product Literature  User manual –  Instructions 
  • Human Factors – Easy to Open  Disposal – Material Plastics Cardboard 
  • User Interface – Ready to Assemble or Ready to Use – No assembly required  
  • Point of Purchase, Shelving – Display and Exhibit


We engage packaging design from a total image packaging system unit cost perspective, seeking to develop  the product or brand out of the store box experience.  To review your package design needs, please give us a call at (770) 277-7097.

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