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Choose Your Thoughts Carefully. Creation Happens…

The designer in all of us is itching to contribute and create. Not only to prove to ourselves that we are creative, but to show the world your personal twist on creativity. Being creative is what we are, thinking and creating a realty as it is. We create all the time. Our thoughts are the beginning of that creation. The power of thought is the pathway to creation. Once we realize that our thoughts have been or are being misdirected to limitation and lack, we can wake up to the possibility of breaking the pattern. If you have an overwhelming desire to be your own boss, and possibly bring a new business, product or service to the market, then your path is open to begin. Begin by recognizing your creation power.

Since you know of the power of thought, are you applying it to your business or source of income?  Look around, is it the life and the business and income opportunities that you want?.  The best way to apply that power is to write it down and break it up into manageable mini-tasks. The path to a successful business is the business plan. The pathway to managing a successful business is positive thought. To harness the power of our thoughts is being the true designers of our destiny and business success. You must create and design your life so the business opportunities will present themselves. Recognize your power and create what you want, for you create, no matter what. When your purpose aligns with your actions you will see results. This is not about preaching some universal truth, it about putting some logic into the power of designed thought. We have a saying in design, “It costs no more to injection mold an unattractive product than an appealing looking product. It’s just a matter of good design versus bad design.”. The power of thought applied to a business, is designing a business with real world capital, overhead and sales potential.

To create business success is a large task and sometimes not an easy path.  If you think that you can start a business and make a profit, then that is the starting point. Prove that hypothesis in a well written business plan and you have all it takes to succeed. To be your own boss and manage a new business is an undertaking which will consume many hours or your time and thought. It takes a lot of thought, time and outward energy. If you have the discipline to put in the time and physical energy it takes, then you will probably be successful. The key is realize which actions, human interface and team partnership it takes to achieve the desired goals. A well planned and thought out business plan will have the major goals established with the accountable teams who must execute to create sales profitability. The truly committed entrepreneur is well aware of the sacrifice, diligence and relentless team work it does take to start and or manage any business.

WhiteLight Design calls this, wholistic thought accounting, being the ability to account for, manage and lead a business considering all aspects of the success process. These days we know that big corporations are masters at accounting. Accounting is the management of assets and sales channels versus expenditures. Applying business accounting practices to any business, are the time and energy management tools used to gage success. To manage anything we must be able to count it, qualify it and get a grip on the real assets. In other words you can’t manage what you don’t know exists. Accounting must measure the tangible expenditures and assets such as business space, computers, software, capital goods and inventory it takes to build a successful business. But thought accounting must also measure and factor in the soft or immeasurable assets such as human resources, education, motivation and experience. To be successful you must account for both the tangible and intangible aspects of the business and business team to develop a plan which will truly create a profitable business.

The point is it all starts with many thoughts which are directed into a central plan, that is a business plan which accounts for, manages and creates a strategy to operate the most efficiently and effectively. That is managing both hard, soft and thought assets. The business owner must manage the business’s assets and the business team thoughts and motivations to follow the business plan. The Enlightened business plan is the thought map and the blueprint to success. But, it all comes down to the individual thoughts and the projected success, all key persons and employees have of the business. Managing our thoughts and the power of creation and creating organized teams on the macro and micro, social and personal scale is where the real power is.

The creative entrepreneur can create very insightful ways of managing and accounting for thought. Contact programs, PDA’s, daytimers all have a place but those are macro management tools. The entrepreneur recognizes that the resources necessary to launch a new business must be macro and micro managed. The business plan is where the accounting of thought is applied to the business world. The smaller the business the more creative the business owner must be to create increased sales. But it all starts with understanding the power of thought be it spoken or not. That is the real point of creation. A warrior only attacks when he or she knows they can win. Psychologically winning the battle before a blow is thrown. Where most entrepreneurs trip up is under-estimating the money and wholistic thought resources it takes to launch and maintain a business. The business plan is where these issues are raised, discussed and overcome. If the competition is strong or the business is new, do not underestimate the length of or size of the path. In other words, plan for the challenging moments and work towards the best. But, do not under estimate the power of your direct, moment to moment thoughts truly directed to create or define your reality.

Are your thoughts always creating lack or worry or stress over the monies? Or are your thoughts always creating positive flow. The balance of applying power of thought and thought management and ability to focus and concentrate on the real business world are the keys to overall success. To be an athlete, you must train, as an athlete. To be a profitable business person you must train as a business visionary. Once the power of thought is recognized and our thoughts are prioritized and directed to only positive, we will no longer struggle with success. Its easy to act and feel wealthy when you are. But, can you act and feel wealthy when you aren’t there yet.

We must have the discipline to account for every thought, expense and cost of doing business, to become in tune with affluent prosperity. Harness your thoughts and the business world will respond. To recognize the power of choosing the right path of thought is your real power. Ask and ye shall receive. Choose Your Thoughts Carefully. Creation Happens…

The empowerment slogan for the year: “If you think you can, or you think you can’t….you’re probably right”.  Henry Ford

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